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Forms Integrations

weMail offers integration with many popular forms plugin like,

  1. weForms
  2. Ninja Forms
  3. Caldera Forms
  4. WP Forms
  5. Gravity Forms
  6. Contact Form 7

You can create and design your forms using any of these plugins and use them on your webpage. You have to install and activate your preferred plugin and use it to make a form. Then you can use that form.

We are going to show you how to create a form with weForms. We will also show you how to create forms with other plugins as well.

Let’s Create A Form with weForms

At first, you have to create a form with these plugins to use it on your website.

To create a form with weForm, you have to install and activate the weForm plugin.

  • Next, go to weForm→All Forms. Click on Add Form.
Click on Add Form

You will find numerous options for your templates. If you want a brand new form, pick the Blank template. Or you can choose the Contact template to save your time. It’s all depends on you and your design.


Now, design your form further with the custom fields provided for you. Just drag and drop the fields you want.

Click on Field Options to get more options for your form. You can add required fields and field names from here. Lastly, hit Save.

Field Options

If you click on the Preview button, you can see how your form will look like on a webpage.


If you go back, you can see your form is created.

Form is created

Check this documentation to get more ideas about form creating with weForms.

Change Form Types

You can change the Form type as well. The Form can be

  • Inline
  • Modal
  • Floating
  • Slide Up

Click on the Form Name. On the right-hand side on the menu bar, choose the Template Style option. Here you will see all the options to change your form type. Click on anyone and hit Save Form.

Change Form Type.

You can see that your form type has changed.

Form type chnaged

Integration With weMail

Go to weMail→Forms. Click on Integrations.


On the next page, you can see all the Form plugins that are integrated with weMail.

All the Plugins Integrated

Click on weForms. You will be able to see the name of your created form on the top. Activate it, then scroll down and hit Save Settings.

Acticvate form

You are good to go.

Check out the below video to get a more clear idea about how to integrate weMail with weForms.

Create a Form with Ninja Forms

Ninja Form is one of the most popular free contact form builders in WordPress. You can create a Contact Form using Ninja Forms within minutes. weMail has integration with Ninja Form as well. So you can easily use a form built with Ninja Form.

First, you need to install and activate Ninja Form to use the plugin.


Click Add New under the Ninja Forms menu. (You can also click Add New Form on your All Forms page.)

Add New

Check out this documentation to get more details on how to create a Form using Ninja Forms.

Create a Form with Caldera Forms

Caldera Form is a free and powerful WordPress plugin that creates responsive forms with a simple drag and drop editor.

Just download and activate the plugin, and you will be able to use forms built with Caldera Forms.

Dowanload Caldera Forms

Check out this Documentation to get details on how to create a form using Caldera Forms.

Create a Form with WP Forms

WPForms is one of the most beginner-friendly WordPress contact form plugins. The drag & drop online form builder makes it easy for you to create a beautiful contact form, email subscription form, payment form, and other types of online forms with just a few clicks.

weMail has integration with WP Forms.

Just download and activate the plugin, and you will be able to use forms built with WPForms.


Next, to create a new form, click on the Add New button, and this will launch the WPForms Form Builder.

Add New wp forms

Check out this Documentation to get more details on how to create a form using WPForms.

Create a Form with Contact Form 7

Contact Form 7 can manage multiple contact forms, plus you can customize the form and the mail contents flexibly with simple markup. You can integrate weMail with Contact Form 7.

Download and activate Contact Form 7.

contact form 7 download.

Click on Contact > Contact Forms. Here you will see the central administration panel where you can manage multiple contact forms.

You will also find the Contact Form 7’s default contact form, labeled Contact Form 1.

Contact form 1

Check out this document to know more about how to create a form with contact form 7.

Create a Form with Gravity Forms

Packed with tons of time-saving tools & features Gravity Forms is one of the popular plugins right now. You can build and publish your WordPress forms in just minutes.

You can use your Gravity Form with weMail. Download and install Gravity Forms.

Check out this document to know how to create a form with Gravity forms.

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