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weMail is configured to be

Designing emails is hard and costly as well. But it
doesn’t have to be that complicated.


Cloud Powered

Got a slow site or server, or fewer web visitor? You don't have to worry. Being a SaaS solution, we handle everything for you in the cloud. We take the heavy load, so your server don't have to.


Cost Effective

Use your favorite email sending gateway to send email campaigns, wheather it's Amazon SES, Sparkpost, Mailgun, etc. Lower your cost by using the gateways.


Robust Features

We bring the best of both worlds by combining faster and robust platform for email delivery and lower the cost by offloading the sending using your favorite gateway or SMTP provider.

Cost Calcutator of weMail

For those who need to send more emails than the free tier option take a look at what will be your cost. If you have a growing subscriber base then you know that your cost per campaign is also increasing. And if you opt-in for the popular email marketing platforms out there then you can be sure that it will almost certainly be costly for you.

That where you can use weMail to send the same user intuitive email with the best drag & drop email builder with the same delivery rate compared with the more pricey options out there.

52000 Number of Email:
  • Regular Email Marketing Tool
  • Mailchimp $1560.00
  • Campaign Monitor $525.01
  • weMail with Email Sending API
  • Amazon SES $5.20
  • SparkPost $31.20
  • SendGrid $23.40
  • PostMark $31.20
  • MailGun $26.00

Your can also send

amazon web service free



twillio-send-grid free



mailgun free



How weMail Works


Download & Install weMail Plugin

Connect With Sending API

Create Email Campaign

Hit Send and


All the Email Marketing features you really need!


Drag-and-drop Editor

Build beautiful email newsletters with our Drag-and-Drop Editor. Fast and simple!


Subscriber Management

Keep and manage as many subscribers as you can without any restrictions.


Campaign Reports

Get an overview how your emails are working and strategise your marketing accordingly.


List Segmentation

Divide your email subscribers list and send what is most relevant to each individual.



Don’t have time to reply to every email. Automate the process using the built-in autoresponder.


Bounce handling

Keep your lists clean effortlessly as bounces, complaints & unsubs are automatically cleaned.

weMail Plays Nicely With The Most Popular Form Builders Out There

  • contact-form
  • contact-form
  • contact-form
  • contact-form
  • contact-form
  • contact-form

The Email Sending Problem That weMail Solves

Your website has a limited bandwidth cap and limited storage amount from the hosting service provides. So using WordPress’s built-in PHP mail function takes its toll on your site once you set out a number of emails. Your bandwidth gets reduces, you face slow email delivery and so on.

Even for the folks out there with unlimited bandwidth, if you use PHP mail function to send emails generated by WordPress it doesn’t provide the best delivery option. Also, this process won’t let you implement server configuration, spam filtering options, proper authentication for your emails and so on.

That’s where weMail comes to the rescue.