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Free Ecommerce

Abandoned Cart

Entice people to visit
and buy back

View Template Abandoned Cart
Premium Events

Father’s Day

Perfect template for
Father’s day email

View Template Father’s Day
Free Marketing

Customer Service

Customer service-related emails can use this template

View Template Customer Service
Premium Notifications


Update about security best
practices or phishing

View Template Security
Premium Notifications


Product support emails to
reply client issues

View Template Support
Premium Notifications


Need an unsubscribe
email template!

View Template Unsubscribe
Premium Notifications


Wish happy birthday to your users with this template

View Template Birthday
Premium Notifications


Welcome new users onboarding or sign ups via this template

View Template Welcome
Premium Notifications


Verify information of any kind for users or services

View Template Verification
Premium Notifications

Password Reset

Use this template for password
reset emails

View Template Password Reset
Premium Notifications


Best for sending email product expiration date

View Template Expiration
Premium Notifications


Best for deactivation email or renewal email

View Template Deactivation
Premium Notifications


Confirmation emails for any kind of notification

View Template Confirmation
Premium Notifications


Authorize emails for new logins or unauthorized access

View Template Authorization
Premium Announcement

Product update

Ready to launch new products? This template will save your time

View Template Product update
Premium Announcement


Remind people about anything you can think of

View Template Reminder
Premium Announcement


Notify email contacts for notice message

View Template Notice
Premium Announcement


Announcement of any kind can use this template

View Template Announcement
Premium Announcement

Free Trial

Trial account or free trial, every email can be sent

View Template Free Trial
Premium Announcement


Share product download or something else to share

View Template Download
Premium Announcement


Ideal for collecting beta users or notifying beta users

View Template Beta
Premium Announcement

Price Change

Notify about product or service price changes

View Template Price Change
Premium Announcement


Send apology for mistakes on your part

View Template Apology
Premium Announcement


Alert customers about upcoming events or billing cycle or updates

View Template Alert
Premium Announcement

Last Chance

Need to announcement one last time before expiring?

View Template Last Chance
Premium Announcement


Perfect giveaway campaigns or single giveaway email

View Template Giveaway
Premium Announcement

Gift Card

Gift your customer gift card with this template

View Template Gift Card
Premium Announcement


Discount codes or coupon code! Use this template

View Template Discount
Premium Announcement


Sharing coupon code for marketing related tasks?

View Template Coupon
Free Events


Template for event countdown

View Template Countdown
Premium Marketing

Lead Nurture

Best for lead generation
or lead nurture

View Template Lead Nurture
Premium Marketing

Terms of Service

Get agreement on ToS before
anything for marketing

View Template Terms of Service
Premium Marketing


Ideal for sharing informational

View Template Informational
Premium Events

Labor Day

Convey your message with this template

View Template Labor Day
Premium Events


Never use the same template for Halloween email campaigns

View Template Halloween
Premium Events

Giving Tuesday

Giveaway something? Great.
Use this template

View Template Giving Tuesday
Premium Events


Perfect for Conference or Tradeshow related email campaigns

View Template Conference
Premium Events


Make an announcement in this Easter with weMail template

View Template Easter
Premium Events

Cyber Monday

Need to send the best Cyber Monday email? Use this template

View Template Cyber Monday
Free Events


Send email blast on Christmas eve with weMail Christmas template

View Template Christmas
Free Events


Hosting a webinar? Use this beautiful email to send email blast

View Template Webinar
Premium Marketing


Legal information notification would be idea for this template

View Template Legal
Premium Marketing


Email template for contest or sweepstake

View Template Contest
Premium Marketing


When customer acquisition is important and top most priority

View Template Acquisition
Premium Marketing


Retention or reactivate! best for customer engagement

View Template Reactivation
Premium Marketing


An ideal template for loyalty or reward giving email

View Template Rewards
Premium Ecommerce

Product Launch

Perfect for launching new products, services or goods

View Template Product Launch
Premium Notifications


Template for product subscription emails

View Template Subscription
Premium Marketing


Share a report/infographic or case study with template

View Template Report
Free Ecommerce


Got payment or receipt? Use this template

View Template Payment
Premium Events

New Year

Welcome new year with a
new template

View Template New Year
Premium Events

Mother’s Day

Send the best email for
the best occasion

View Template Mother’s Day
Free Events


Ideal for inviation of
any kind

View Template Invitation
Free Announcement


Looking for inaugural emails?
use right away

View Template Inaugural
Free Notifications


Template for user onboarding in different customer journey

View Template Onboarding
Free Notifications


Best for account related emails
sent to users

View Template Account
Free Notifications

Comment Notification

Ideal for comment notification or product notification

View Template Comment Notification
Premium Ecommerce

Recent Purchase

Make user onboarding smooth with recent purchase template

View Template Recent Purchase
Premium Ecommerce


Recommend products to upsell or cross-sell

View Template Recommendations
Premium Ecommerce

Out of Stock

Product is selling like hot cake and not available

View Template Out of Stock
Free Marketing


When getting feedback & survey is important

View Template Feedback
Free Marketing


Best to use when for asking reviews or testimonials

View Template Testimonial
Premium Marketing


Upsell! where it matters, use this template

View Template Upselling
Free Marketing

Customer Service

Email template for customer service related issues

View Template Customer Service
Free Ecommerce

Product Update

Announce new product updates or new features

View Template Product Update
Free Marketing


Best to use for referral email for email contacts

View Template Referral
Free Ecommerce

Product Sale

Sale products with email whenever, wherever you want

View Template Product Sale
Premium Marketing


Use this template for promoting new or existing products

View Template Promotional
Premium Marketing


Got products/goodies to promote? Use this template

View Template Promotion
Free Notifications

Sign Up

Welcome new users or sign-ups via this template

View Template Sign Up
Free Notifications


Best suited for the user registration/sign up emails

View Template Registration
Free Announcement


Perfect for summary emails for a week, month or year

View Template Summary
Premium Ecommerce


Introduce new product or platform with this template

View Template Marketplace
Free Ecommerce

Back in Stock

When most requested product is back in stock

View Template Back in Stock
Premium Marketing

Product Feedback

Ideal template for product feedback related email

View Template Product Feedback
Free Marketing

Follow Up

Follow up with email contacts for engagement

View Template Follow Up
Premium Ecommerce


Encourage customers to place new order

View Template Order
Free Announcement

Thank You

Thank your customer for trusting your company

View Template Thank You
Free Announcement

Customer Appreciation

Appreciate customer to feel them special about your company

View Template Customer Appreciation
Premium Ecommerce

Featured Products

Sale exclusive or limited edition products

View Template Featured Products
Premium Marketing


Encourage users into buying where they left off

View Template Winback

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