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a guide to email automation and automated emails

A Complete Guide to Email Automation: Definition of Automated Emails, Benefits, Tools, Best Practices, and Examples

This guide discusses automated emails definition, the benefits of email automation, best email automation tools, best practices, examples, and tips.

Turnstile in weMail Embed Forms

New Feature – Block SPAM Submissions with Cloudflare Turnstile in weMail Embed Forms

The embed form of weMail is now Cloudflare Turnstile enabled. This means it will now require extra verification before someone can join your list.

Email Marketing Metrcis and KPIs

Essential Email Marketing Metrics to Learn for 2023 (Plus how to Improve them)

This article explains the top email marketing metrics. As a marketer, it’s one of your core jobs to track the email marketing performance. So, learning about must-have email KPIs is essential.

Best free Newsletter Templates

9+ Best Free Newsletter Templates To Utilize For Email Marketing in 2023

From easing your email marketing tasks to aligning the email content, email newsletter templates help to get better results with a higher open and click rate. It enables you to design the email layout, color scheme, background, font style, images, videos, essential links, and more. There are different types of email newsletter templates available in […]

Irresistible Abandoned Cart Email Templates to Get Inspiration

10 Irresistible Abandoned Cart Email Templates to Get Inspiration for 2023

Whether you sell products to another business or direct consumers, abandoned cart emails are a game. And, if you are looking for the best way to create them, this blog will show you a handful of abandoned cart email templates to get your strategies right.

Best Company Profile Examples to Inspire You

7+ Highly Converting Company Profile Examples to Inspire You and Tips to Create a Great One

In this blog, we’ve compiled a handful of the best company profile examples to help your cause. If you already have a good-to-go about page that describes your company info, read this article to get inspiration, and turn it great. If not, you will have the chance to start fresh.


11 Best Mailerlite Alternatives for Advanced Email Marketers

In this blog, we will discuss the 11 best MailerLite alternatives to give you a proper idea. We will also be sharing helpful information to choose the right one for your business, including the pricing of the tools. 

How to End an Email in a Professional Way

How to End an Email in a Professional Way – Best and Worst Examples

The ability to close an email professionally can impact your communication value with customers, clients, and business partners. It’s equally important as the subject line and main body of an email. Still, many people are unaware of the fact and end up failing to create a long-lasting impression. Therefore, you must choose the closing words […]

weMail Elementor Forms Integration

weMail and Elementor Forms Integration – Sync and Manage Leads with Ease

weMail is now more powerful with the new Elementor form integration! It allows you to synchronize the leads you receive through the Elementor Form directly to the weMail email list without any manual effort. This can save you time, eliminating the possibility of human errors. The weMail and Elementor Form integration is very simple. Configuring […]

10 Email List Building Tools

15 Best Email List-building Tools You Need to Grow a Robust List

This blog will explore the top 15 high-performing email list-building tools. We will also provide pricing information to help you make an informed decision for your email marketing strategy. 

Exclude Recipients: Personalize Email Lists with Ease

weMail Feature Update: Exclude Recipients – Personalize Your Email Lists with Ease

Accurate filtering and personalization in email listing are a must for any successful email marketing campaign. This enables you to send emails to the most suitable recipients based on their behavior, interests, demography, and other valuable points. But creating new email lists from scratch every time before starting new campaigns is a time-consuming process. To make the process easy, weMail has recently released a new feature – Exclude Recipients. It will give you more control in personalizing email lists in the shortest possible time.

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