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How Write a Discount Email

How to Write A Discount Email And Examples to Get Inspiration

In this blog, we are about to show you what it is, how to write a perfect discount email with the help of some of the best examples, plus tips.

why and how to use ps in email

How To Write PS In Email And Use It Correctly With Examples

Marketers use PS in email as a fun way to connect readers for further engagement. Learn what P.S. is and how to write P.S. in an email with best practices and examples.

How to Create an Email Signup Form in WordPress

How to Create an Email Sign Up Form in WordPress

The following tutorial will show how to create an email signup form in the simplest way possible. Also show you some email sign up from examples.

Best Company Profile Examples to Inspire You

7+ Highly Converting Company Profile Examples to Inspire You and Tips to Create a Great One

In this blog, we’ve compiled a handful of the best company profile examples to help your cause. If you already have a good-to-go about page that describes your company info, read this article to get inspiration, and turn it great. If not, you will have the chance to start fresh.

Best eCommerce Affiliate Programs

9+ Best eCommerce Affiliate Programs in 2024

If you are a content creator, business owner, or even an enthusiast looking for some best eCommerce affiliate programs to join or collaborate with to earn money, this article going to help you all the way.

Click to open rate in email marketing

What is Click to Open Rate (CTOR) in Email Marketing

Email CTOR or ‘click to open’ rate is an email marketing metric. CTOR is the percentage of people who opened your email and then clicked a link (CTA) in that email.

best Email Marketing Quotes

80+ Best Email Marketing Quotes to Inspire Your Next Email Campaign

A collection of best email marketing quotes to your learning and inspirations. Keep reading all the best email marketing quotes, enjoy, and learn.

newsletter monetization

7 Best Ways to Monetize Your Newsletter (Plus Examples and Tips)

A solid plan is necessary if you aim to monetize your newsletter. This article will show you some of the best ideas to initiate the process for newsletter monetization.

introducing happymedia

Discover HappyMedia – Supercharge Your WordPress Media Management in Minutes 🥳

From Leevio, we are bringing in the HappyMedia plugin, an all-in-one WordPress media manager. If you are looking for a simple and streamlined media handling experience in WordPress, HappyMedia offers everything you could ask for.

best ai email writers right now

11 Best AI Email Writers to Write Email Faster Like the Flash (Free and Premium)

Be it writer’s block, a creative dilemma, or dividing your focus to other crucial aspects and extensive research for an email marketing strategy, AI email writers can be a ‘big hero 6’ type of assistant to put your words together. So, here we are, coming up with a well-defined list of AI email writers you should look for right now.

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