How Write a Discount Email

How to Write A Discount Email And Examples to Get Inspiration

You can ask any shoppers how much they like discounts and always get the same answer – ‘we love it.’ 91% of Americans look for discounts before they want to buy something.

For email marketing, the number is super astonishing too. More than 80% of American shoppers subscribe to email offers only for discounts.

As a marketer or business owner, you can’t just overlook the possibilities of a discount email campaign.

In this blog, we are about to show you what it is, how to write a perfect discount email with the help of some of the best examples, plus tips.

What is a Discount Email

A discount email is a kind of promotional email that offers discounts to subscribers like reduced prices for a service/products, promotional offers, or special deals, etc.

Suppose, you want to offload your stock of a specific product. You can design a discount email campaign for that. Then send an automated email to all of your subscribers that says, “We are offering a 40% discount on this item. Grab it before stock out!”

Discount plays a big role in increasing sales volume. Most brands offer discounts following different occasions like year-end sales, festivities, company anniversaries, and so on.

Through discount email marketing, you can send offers to your subscribers, and even inspire new users to join your email list for future benefits.

Types Of Discount Emails You Can Create

Sending discount offers will be easier once you know when and how to send them. Here are the popular types of discount emails or promotional emails you should look for –

Anniversary Discounts: Whether new or old, all your email subscribers may love to get a discount on your brand anniversary.

Flash Sale Discounts: You can inform your subscribers/customers about the limited-time sale.

Birthday Offer: Sending birthday offers works both ways, it increases the chance of more conversion, also when a customer get discounts on their birthday, it makes them feel special and has an overall personalized experience.

Abandoned Cart Offer: Sending email to those who abandoned your cart, and bring them back with an attractive discount email campaign.

Welcome Offer: Whenever someone subscribes to your list, you can send the beginner discount as a welcome offer/first-time purchase.

Bundle Offer: Give an offer to your customer to purchase multiple items and get discounts via email.

Clearance Sale: If you need to clear your stock in the shortest time, sending a clearance sale discount campaign always works.

Year End/Festival Discounts: To end the year on a happy note, or following a festival – a discount email may supercharge your business with a lot of sales.

Besides the aforementioned types, there are discount emails like VIP or exclusive deals, holiday sales, and product launch offers you may love to consider.

Instant Tips to Write an Engaging Discount Email

To write an email that sells, you must set the goal first. What do you want to achieve with a specific email campaign? Once you know what to accomplish, the rest will be easier.

To write a winning discount email, here’s what you need to follow –

1. Set a warm tone to your email

Always go with the casual tone while writing a discount email.

To engage your audience with a discount offer, the tone of your email should be warm and cheerful.

With a touch of a personalized approach, you should invite your audience to check the offers and make a purchase.

2. Make your email copy simple and fun

Email copy is what makes your audience convinced about the offer.

Research conducted by Litmus found that people only spend an average of nine seconds while reading an email. So the attention span is a top consideration for you.

Write precise and crisp email copy, and pitch your offer smartly – that’s the game.

Check this to learn more about email copy.

3. Prioritize the value of your email

The goal of your discount email is simple – encourage the audience with your discount offer. So, you must make the offer center of your email.

Show the number in the right place, and it will be easier for your subscriber to connect.

15 Highly Engaging Discount Email Examples to Inspire You

1. Starbucks

strarbucks discount email

This Starbucks reward campaign covers both ways. How did it work?

One, the email promotes the app and inspires users to use the app.

Secondly, the offer is attractive as it wants Starbucks customers to celebrate Friday with a whopping 50% off for a whole month.

What to learn from this discount email example? Here are some key takeaways –

  • A refreshing color combination with the right images that reflects the taste of the drink, and the summer season
  • Offer Placement is attractive and grabs attention whenever you look at the email
  • The email copy, and especially the headline is cool

2. Better Booch

better booch offers welcome discount to subscribers

Sending a welcome discount can be helpful to earn early trust. The email from Better Booch dit it with flying colors.

What’s work here –

  • Retro themed design
  • Welcome promo coupon that evokes a sweetness
  • The image and body copy make a combined effect to inspire the user to join the community
  • CTA looks compelling and simple at the same time

3. Ami Ami

mother's day discount email example

Ami Ami is a wine brand whose Mother’s Day discount offers email has many things to learn.

The first thing is the headline copy, ‘Mommy’s little helper.’ Being a grown-up, we are well past the age of helping our mother with household chores.

But this headline copy and the message bring back the sweet memory and work better with the Mother’s Day celebration. It provokes you in a positive way to become your mother’s little helper again, who gifts her something she loves in her leisure.

The second takeaway is how they anchored the offer – two times 20%, and for one time the 10% extra discounts if bought two bundles together.

If you want to create an aura that you are giving more than usual, you can get your inspiration from the Ami Ami strategy.

4. Linktree

Linktree upgrade and get discount email

Linktree is a personalized link profile service, especially for creators. With a Linktree profile, you can save all of your social media platform links, phone numbers, email addresses, and portfolios in one place and it’s publicly sharable.

They sent the above email to customers as an invitation to upgrade from the basic plan. Linktree wasn’t offering any direct discounts instead they wanted the user to experience the pro plan for free for a month, and make a good decision.

The innovative thing is the types of offers, and how they place them, for example, showing the promo code like ‘grow with pro’ played an effective part. Then comes the design, which shows how Linktree works and spreads your creator profile to the public.


WPERP WordPress Promotional email

You can send a discount email campaign to celebrate any occasion. Similar to your brand anniversary or a subscriber’s birthday, it’s also great to celebrate the industry you’re doing business with. WPERP did the same, a complete enterprise resource planning platform based on WordPress.

As WPERP is a WordPress-based platform, celebrating the industry’s birthday is something special to the audience. The takeaway from this discount email example is simple, they are –

  • Simple design
  • Headline copy
  • CTR and offer placement

6. Grammarly

grammarly flash sale discount

Flash Sale

7. Art of Tea

art of team email

8. MacPaw

macpaw anniversary email exmaple

9. Bruvi

Bruvi bundle offers

10. Hulu

hulu abandoned cart

11. Applebees

celebrate customers birthday with a discount email offer


barebones clearance sale offer

13. Revive

Revive new product launch

14. Craighill

craighil holiday email

15. Baublebar

VIP Offer email by baubleber


We learn from the best examples, that’s what the wise men say. There are industry best practices and room for putting in your inventiveness.

To create a highly converting discount email campaign, you need to combine them all.

There are a lot of ways to send promotional offer emails and bring sales. You must choose one that suits your plan and scope, and implement the simplest words that your audience can connect with.

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