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Gravity Forms
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Contact Forms 7
Caldera Forms
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Cost Calculator of weMail

For those who need to send bulk emails, take a look at the cost calculator. Your cost will increase with your growing subscriber base. And if you opt-in for the popular email marketing platforms out there, then you can be sure it will almost certainly be costly.

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  • Regular Email Marketing Tool
  • MailchimpMailchimp $699.00
  • Campaign MonitorCampaign Monitor Custom Plan
  • weMail with Email Sending API
  • Amazon SESAmazon SES $119.00
  • SparkPostSparkPost $161.50
  • SendGridSendGrid $154.00
  • PostMarkPostMark $159.80
  • mailGunMailGun $177.00
  • Elastic EmailElastic Email $118.00


Still over the fence? Check out these frequently
asked questions.

What is weMail?

weMail is a plugin for WordPress which enable the user/users of a WordPress website to send email newsletters with feature-packed email builder and connect with email sending solutions such as Amazon Web Services, MailGun, SparkPost, etc to send those emails.

How Does It Work?

weMail comes with a built-in email template builder. With its user-friendly interface and most basic elements, you will be able to create any type of email you want to build. After creating your desired email template just hit send. Set the email subject, preview text, which list the email will be sent to and that's it.

To connect weMail with any of the supported email sending service providers you need to set the API key with weMail. In the backend settings of the WordPress plugin you will find the option to insert the API key. After that, you will be able to send emails to your subscribers list.

Please note, some email sending services require further configuration. See those specific email sending services documentation for more detailed instruction on how the configuration works. There is a also a link with every email sending service configuration settings to their official documentation.

Is It Dependent On Anything Else?

Yes. To send your emails you will need to connect with an email sending service. As of right now, weMail supports SparkPost, SendGrid, PostMark, Mailgun, Elastic Email, Amazon SES. Support for other solutions will come in the future.

Is There A Email Sending Limit?

weMail only helps you build the emails, select the list which the email will be sent, and other necessary email configurations. The sending of an email is handled by the email sending service that you choose(Such as AWS, SparkPost, etc.). To see the limitations of your email sending limitation please see the details page of the service that you choose to use.

Is There A Limit For Subscribers Count?

Currently No. But we are currently working on a subscriber limitation that is suitable for everyone.

How Is My Data Being Handled?

Rest assured. All your data is GDPR compliant. We only use your data to provide you with a better weMail experience. If you ever wish to delete your data just give us a knock. We will happily comply.

Is there any prerequisite for using weMail?

weMail doesn't require any pre-requisite. But we do advise you first look through the options & documentation provided by the email sending API service providers. As you will need these services to send emails.

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