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AI in Email Marketing – Create Your Next Email Campaign with the Help of AI

Artificial intelligence is going to be an integral part of your daily life if it is not already. AI tools like Google Bard, Chatgpt, or Midjourney are shaping our day-to-day digital experience.

As an email marketer, how you are going to cope with this ever-evolving age of AI? Can email marketing and AI go hand in hand? The answers are simple. The adoption of AI is a must.

In this blog, we are going to discuss AI in email marketing, tips on how to use artificial intelligence to create your next email campaign, and all you need to know related to the topic right now.

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Table of Contents
What is AI in Email Marketing
Importance of Using AI in Email Campaigns
Artificial Intelligence and Email Marketing Go Hand in Hand
How AI Can Change Your Email Marketing Strategy

The Scenario of Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing

The Scenario of Artificial Intelligence in Email Marketing

If you are an email marketer, you can utilize AI assistants to write better email body copy, headlines, and subject lines. You can gear up your automation and the whole email-sending process, and many more things.

Let’s talk about how artificial intelligence is functioning right now.

The term machine learning was coined by Arthur Samuel half a century ago. In 1959, Arthur was an IBM employee and he initiated the idea of self-teaching computers, a set of machines that can learn from their experience and evolve.

For ages, people keep talking about machine learning and artificial intelligence, and only the last decade proved way more practical. Artificial intelligence comes out of those science theories and science fiction books.

But how it is working exactly? Are they planning to take over humankind?

No, they are not exactly. Most of the machine learning AI platforms are functioning based on the data available on the web. The more data we are adding every day, AI is improving, accomplishing extraordinary by learning each moment from us.

So, when you keep AI as a digital assistant to your email marketing, you are going to get immediate help from combined data AI is compiling from the online database, analyzing, and producing results simultaneously.

What are the Benefits of Using AI in Email Marketing

What are the Benefits of Using AI in Email Marketing

You can implement AI in your email marketing process for many reasons. Time is crucial, and now it’s time for machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing, and many more things that can accomplish cognitive tasks like us.

Here are some of the major advantages of AI-powered email marketing to look for –

1. Hyper-Personalisation

Hyper-personalization could be the game changer for your email marketing campaigns.

With the help of an AI-powered email marketing tool, you can learn more about your customers, their preferences, and how they are reacting to your marketing approach like previous emails, videos, website content, etc.

It will be easier for you to retarget and retain customers like never before. AI will read customers’ activities and help you learn more about them. By analyzing their behavioral actions, you can make better decisions and eventually increase your conversion rate.

2. AI is Another Name for Efficiency

An AI-powered system is capable of reading, rendering, and collecting information to create a central database. And, this database helps to take faster decisions. The whole process is efficient in quality and saves a lot of time.

AI in email marketing helps you to write smooth email copy, and subject lines, and create images and headers faster than ever. This will lessen the workload and stress, and the job of your team would be easier, they can focus on improvising the AI-generated copy and images, and spend more time on developing email marketing strategies.

3. Optimization Becomes Easier

Optimization makes your email marketing better. And, AI can do optimizations like magic. From initiating an email campaign to running and monitoring, AI could be a superb assistant. Here’s how you can gear up your email optimization with AI –

AI can help you find better email cadence aka sending frequency.

You can run frequent A/B tests to find the most converting email copy and subject lines.

When you have more personalized data, you can segment your list with more accuracy.

Overall, AI in email marketing would be beneficial to high-level optimization for your email campaigns.

4. Scaling Your Email Marketing Campaign with AI

AI is growing like crazy. In 2030, most businesses will be using AI as potential digital assistance. One of the main reasons behind this huge impact and adoption signals scalability. You can grow your business with AI implementation without increasing your cost.

The same goes for AI in email marketing. It will help you increase efficiency and growth, and reduce your cost by saving time and improving your team member’s effectiveness.

How to Improve Your Email Marketing with AI Implementation

How to Improve Your Email Marketing with AI Implementation

Let’s find out how you can improve your email marketing process with artificial intelligence –

1. Write the Most Converting Email Subject Lines with AI

The time has come when you only type or say what you want, and the machine delivers. Though, machines can’t think like humans, they perform by copying human thoughts and cognitive patterns.

So, when you implement an AI tool to write your email subject line, it can produce a lot of different subject lines on a single topic in seconds. Because, artificial intelligence can think faster, and process data the way it was programmed.

All you need to do is improvise the AI-generated subject lines and put your goals and ambition, a human touch. That would complete the thing.

When you have multiple or diverse subject lines on a single topic, the chance is better you are going to end up choosing the best one for your email campaign.

AI-based marketing platform Phrasee found that, if you have a diverse set of subject lines for an email campaign, chances are higher that you will find the most converting email subject line that can bring you 5-10% more open-to-click rate.

In the same study, Phrasee noted that linguistic diversity and effective multivariate testing can help you highly engaging email subject lines. This is only possible when you implement an AI assistant to write your email subject lines.

2. Finding the Most Suitable Email Sending Frequency

As we’ve mentioned earlier, AI can read and understand your customer data, and create a central database. Also, it can monitor the activities of your user all the time whether they are on your website, opening your earlier emails, or using your products, etc.

The whole thing will determine when your users are more active, and sort out the most possible time to convert. In this way, you can create the most suitable email cadence for your email campaign with ease.

Predictive analytics is a part of machine learning in AI, and it can be a great help to define the best time and days to send emails to subscribers.

3. Email Automation and AI

Email automation is going big with artificial intelligence. For example, if you are a weMail user, you can send different email campaigns automatically (they can be trigger-based, event-based, and pre-defined) with weMail.

AI can gear up the whole process. If you integrate an AI assistant, it can utilize automated or prewritten email copies, subject lines, and suitable content for your website to create a highly engaging automated email campaign.

Then you can use those highly engaging emails in your automated email-sending process with the right sending frequency.

How AI Can Change Your Email Marketing Strategy

How AI Can Change Your Email Marketing Strategy

The whole thing is pretty simple – you have smart email marketers in your team, and you have an email automation platform and integration of AI-based email tools. If that is the case, you are ready for the brave new world. Here’s how to start –

1. Re-Structure Your Email Marketing Campaigns

When you have AI, you can analyze your whole sending history and database.

After the analysis, AI can guide you to a new sending schedule, and help you create a lot of relevant sub-campaign, find out the most possible cases of high deliverability and conversion.

This way you can easily re-structure your whole email campaign.

2. Clean Up Your Email List

List clean-up remains a major issue. If you don’t find out the inactive or spammy leads and remove them from your list, your email deliverability and conversion rate would be at risk all the time.

Manual list cleaning is a boring task and takes a lot of time. AI-powered list cleaning tool can look out for inactive prospects, remove them and keep updating the list faster. This can be a game-changer. With a clean and active list, your email campaign going to be more fruitful.

3. More User-Centric Email Retargeting

AI can follow user activity and make decisions. So, when you send an email and the subscriber delays making a purchasing decision, that will help AI to create the next email campaign to convert him/her with a different approach.

If the opposite happens, and a group of subscribers converts quickly, AI can create a completely alternative email campaign to bring them again to make further purchases.

The whole retargeting process would be automated, and can also be improvised and edited with your email marketing team.

4. Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Gonna get Easier with AI

Product recommendation and cross-sell is a common practices in email marketing. It can increase your conversion rate and brand value at the same time.

Though, suggesting the relevant product with simple automation can be misleading and annoy customers. But, when you have AI, it can easily follow the user’s activities and check their preferences with solid data. So, you can rely on AI to make better product recommendations in your email campaigns.

Closing Ups for AI in Email Marketing

Well, it’s up to you how you are going to implement AI in your email marketing process. However, here’s a checklist to understand how AI can gear up your email-sending process and get benefitted from this latest technological advancement –

  • Learn AI and try to find out how to use it to the fullest
  • The benefits you get from AI in email marketing
  • Learn the best use cases throughout the industry
  • Learn to adapt to AI tools that can boost your email marketing

Remember one thing, AI is an ever-evolving thing, and your game is to keep an open mind and ear. As an email marketer, a dynamic learning mindset can help you float amongst the competitors.

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