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Discover HappyMedia – Supercharge Your WordPress Media Management in Minutes 🥳

Managing media files in the default WordPress system is somewhat disoriented. It’s tiresome to run a search in the media library and scroll so on and on to find exactly what you need. Also, uploading new media files could be an issue with a low network connection or unusual media format.

Do you think of a plugin to remove all of this chaos and bring a fresh experience to your WordPress media management? If yes, we have something big to get you introduced.

From Leevio, we are bringing in the HappyMedia plugin, an all-in-one WordPress media manager. If you are looking for a simple and streamlined media handling experience in WordPress, HappyMedia offers everything you could ask for.

Introducing HappyMedia from Leevio

introducing happymedia

Leevio is the platform that brought you popular plugins like Happy Elementor Addons. This time we are introducing the HappyMedia plugin, a WordPress tool to help you with various media files like photos, videos, GIFs, docs, audio, sheets, and much more.

Happy Elementor Addons is already winning hearts of users from all over the world, and it’s the same team who working hard to make a dream come true, to develop a superb solution for WordPress users to manage their WordPress media files, categorize, and handle them with a better user experience.

With the HappyMedia plugin, you can simply upload, organize, and categorize your media files on the backend so the media library looks clean and super-oriented.

As a result, even if you have hundreds to thousands of media files in the library, you can quickly find the required ones and reuse them. The plugin comes with numerous exciting features, from unlimited folder creation and drag-and-drop functionality to integration with many popular plugins.

Reasons You Are Gonna Love HappyMedia Plugin

If you open a website only for testing and learning, you probably don’t need a plugin like this. But if you create an eCommerce, portfolio, affiliate, or new portal for long-term purposes, you may consider using the HappyMedia plugin. Below, we’ve explained several key benefits of this.

1. Easy to Organize Media Files

If you go to the default media library of WordPress, you will see that videos, images, GIFs, and other files are stored together like a mess. The HappyMedia plugin allows you to categorize these files into various folders so the backend looks clean and organized.

2. Locate the Specific Files Effortlessly

The more organized your media library is, the faster you can find the file. Moreover, this plugin helps you locate entire sets of media files instantly by category names. This can save you much valuable time that would otherwise be wasted searching for files in a vast media library.

3. Save Time in File Management

Save time in file management

It includes features like renaming, duplicating, and searching through categories, which can contribute to a time-saving media management experience. This particularly benefits users who want quick and efficient operations within their media library.

4. Improved Content Management

The HappyMedia plugin provides a quick overview of the number of images within each folder. This helps you stay informed on how many media assets are in your media library and specific folders. This can boost your efficiency in content management. Learn how to create amazing content for your service-based business.

5. Handle Large Media Libraries

HappyMedia is super helpful for big online stores with lots of product images and videos. You can maintain a tidy shelf for each product category. Once a category is no longer needed, you can find and delete the product image folder in a few seconds to free up the web space.

Top Features of the HappyMedia Plugin to Look For

Apart from the above points, the HappyMedia plugin has many more benefits. We’ll now discuss some notable features of the plugin, from which you will get an idea of many more benefits of using it. Keep reading!

1. Create and Manage Unlimited Folders

Create and manage unlimited folders

HappyMedia empowers you to create an endless collection of folders and sub-folders, each creating a dedicated space for specific media assets. You can folder them based on their types, like images, videos, GIFs, audio, docs, etc.

Alternatively, you can folder them based on specific content like posts and pages. This flexibility can surely boost your content management efficiency, ensuring systematic and clutter-free media library management. Each folder works as categories and subcategories.

2. Upload SVG Files Easily

SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) is a file format used for vector images. You can scale these images into different sizes without losing quality. By default, many WordPress plugins don’t allow uploading SVG files for security reasons, as they are XML-based. If not sanitized well, they can pose security threats.

But HappyMedia has the built-in capability to handle SVG files. You can upload them to your WordPress site. Preview them within the plugin before using them on your site to ensure safety and suitability.

3. Drag and Drop Folder and Image Management

HappyMedia includes an intuitive drag-and-drop functionality to rearrange folders and images effortlessly within your media library. This eliminates all forms of complexities, making media management an accessible and straightforward task for all users.

Note: Whenever you drag and drop a folder inside another folder, it automatically becomes a sub-folder of that folder.

Multi grid image gallery

HappyMedia includes a multi-grid image gallery, offering both the Even and Masonry Grid layouts for a dynamic visual experience. This provides a visually engaging and functional way to view your media content and makes it easy to navigate. This feature is extremely helpful for websites with extensive visual content like portfolios and heavy image pages.

5. Directly Upload Images to Media Categories

Imagine you have a large collection of images on your personal computer or in the cloud. You want to upload them to the WordPress media library in an organized way, saving time. The HappyMedia plugin can help you with this. You don’t have to upload first and then move to specific categories.

You can upload specific media files directly to particular folders and categories. This remarkably reduces the possibility of file misplacement. Soon, the HappyMedia plugin will add a new feature – Upload Folder from PC. This will further boost the direct image uploading.

6. One-Click Upload Images from Third-Party Sources

Unsplash, Pixabay, and Pixels are popular online platforms that provide royalty-free and high-quality images. People worldwide use them to make their posts and pages visually appealing. HappyMedia currently has integrations with these three platforms.

Upload images from third-party sources

You can import images from these platforms to directly your desired categories. It’s assumed that HappyMedia will start working with more platforms in the coming days. This saves you from the hassle of manually downloading and uploading images.

7. Support with Page Builders

HappyMedia flawlessly works with Elementor and the Gutenberg editor. So, if your site is designed with Elementor and relies on the Gutenberg editor to manage posts and pages, be sure the HappyMedia plugin won’t conflict with them. Besides, if you want to create a new page or custom post with Elementor, the organized media library will greatly help you.

8. Easy to Search Files and Categories

Multiple search bars

HappyMedia simplifies the process of finding the exact media file you want. Similar to the default WordPress media library, you’ll also get a search bar here. But if you have hundreds to thousands of images with almost close names, it again becomes time-consuming to find the exact file.

With the HappyMedia plugin, you can search for folders, sub-folders, and categories in addition to images with the search bar. Again, another search bar is inside each folder to explore files. This entire thing makes the search functionality much easier.

9. Rename and Duplicate Categories

Often, you may want to use the same set of images for multiple purposes. HappyMedia allows you to duplicate the entire folder or category and rename it. This can also increase your efficiency level and save you from wasting extra time.

N.B. Here’s to further good news. If your folder or category is duplicated, the main media file will be the same, so the amount remains the same and your server won’t be burdened. Also, if you delete a duplicated folder, the raw media file won’t be deleted either.

More HappyMedia Features are Coming to Upgrade Your Game

Upcoming features of the HappyMedia plugin

Respected developers are ceaselessly working to improve the HappyMedia plugin with more new features. Take a look at some features that Leevio promises to add to the plugin in the coming days.

Integration with WooCommerce and Dokan Multivendor

HappyMedia promises to take your eCommerce and marketplace media file management to the next level by integrating with WooCommerce and Dokan Multivendor. This integration will allow you to create and manage entire product categories.

Image Compressor

Light-weight images are a must to improve the page loading speed and user experience. HappyMedia plugin will include a built-in compression that will shrink the extra weight without compromising quality and visual integrity.

User Access Management

The user access management feature will be extremely helpful for those wanting to manage a website as a team. You can define the authority level of team members while giving them access. This will ensure that your media files are in trusted hands.

Folder Lock

The folder lock feature provides an additional layer of security to your media files. This allows you to create a collaborative workspace where the most sensitive content can be kept outside of the normal access.

Affordable Pricing Plans You Will Love

Pricing plan of the HappyMedia plugin

HappyMedia has flexible pricing plans, so you can choose the one that suits your requirements. It currently has annual and lifetime schemes. Each one has three plans – personal, professional, and business. Below is a snapshot of the plans.

Personal$49/one site$199/one site
Professional$99/ten sites$399/ten sites
Business$199/one thousand sites$899/one thousand sites

Each plan covers all the features described above, including 24/7 customer support. In the case of any problem, you can request a refund within 14 days of purchasing the plugin.

However, we’re offering a 50% discount on the plugin at present. As a result, you can purchase the plugin at half price for as long as this offer lasts.

Final Thoughts

So, here we are, introducing the most compact and powerful WordPress media management plugin. There are many reasons why HappyMedia can be the best solution to organize your WordPress media file experience. Therefore, this plugin has much more to give you.

So, tell us, which feature do you think is most needful? If you have any questions, go for it in the comments section.

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