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10 Proven Email Typography Pro Tips For Email Marketers

In simple words, email typography means, using a friendly font family such as Arial, Verdana, Helvetica, Georgia, Tahoma, etc., and tuning up the email copy with appropriate font size and styles for the subscribers. And all these fonts have great readability & user acceptance in various cases.

These fonts and their regular sizes are being used almost all over the platform. Every email marketer has to go through some serious business communication with their clients. So it seems quite important for them to know which font & size they should use. Moreover, the proper use of email typography.

Anyways, throughout this article, you’re going to get to know some interesting pro tips on email Typography. It’s all about email-safe fonts and their size while creating your first email campaign.

So if you still don’t have any idea about it, read the article till the end. 😊

Why Email Marketing is Getting Popular Day-by-day

Benefits of Email Marketing

Did you know that around 34% of people worldwide use Email as their main communication purpose? And it’s about 2.5 billion people. Also, it is predicted to increase by 2.8 billion in the next two years.

As you can see from the above statement email marketing is being prioritized by the people. And people are giving importance to it. Another statement by the Radicati Group is that every day more than 196 billion emails are sent and out of 196 billion emails, 109 billion, are business emails.

Now you can assume how fast email marketing is growing and performing all over the world. If you’re still not utilizing email marketing, then it’s the perfect time to acknowledge it now, especially in 2024.

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So if you’re not convinced to implement email marketing for your business, then let us give you 6 reasons why you should not ignore email marketing to get the best results 👇

  • More effective than social medium
  • Optimizes time & budget
  • Simple to customize
  • Easy to take action
  • Builds trustworthiness
  • Establishes customer relationship
  • Measurable for every field
  • Gettable to all devices
  • Helps to reach potential customers
  • And boosts your sale

These are the reasons why email marketing is getting more popular day by day. So if you can utilize email marketing perfectly, these benefits will easily help your business to grow fast, reach your goals, and set yourself as an expert. Moreover, you can swiftly create email campaigns.

Smart Types of Fonts & Sizes You Should Know

Smart Types of Fonts & Sizes You Should Know

First of all, we need to know some smart fonts & their regular sizes. And then you should consider which one is perfect for your brand identity. Using that particular font & its size, you’ll send emails to your subscribers all the time. In this way, your brand reputation will be maintained.

So let’s know what types of email fonts & sizes you should know for email marketing 👇

Types of Fonts & Sizes in Email Marketing

types of fonts & size in email marketing
Email Typography

Well, you’ll find thousands of fonts available to use in email. But keep in mind that all of them are not ideal to use. In that case, you must follow the proper rules of email typography that have readability and more impact than others.

Such as you can choose from the following fonts👇

Times New Roman

Times New Roman fonts in email marketing

This font is used all across the internet. People use this font for many purposes, especially in the professional field. Times New Roman has a unique style and is much appreciated by people all around, especially digital marketers.

So you can choose this font for your email campaign.


Georgia fonts in Email Marketing

After Times New Roman, Georgia is a widely used font all over the world. And also very popular among digital marketers. The best part of this font is that, looks great even if it’s on a low-resolution screen. The larger and rounder shape looks extremely beautiful and is also similar to Times New Roman.

So you can also choose this font for email write-ups.

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Well, in email typography, Helvetica is also a familiar font. But it seems to be used in the title or header area. According to DesignTax, they don’t prefer to use this font only for its uniformity and lack of consistent spacing issues.

So it will be wise if you can utilize this font in the title or header part.



Arial is the first font that was licensed by Microsoft to use in Windows as a default font. It was created in 1982 and designed as an opponent to Helvetica. And there is a proverb, ‘Arial is Helvetica’s ugly cousin‘.

Like ‘Helvetica, Arial is also used in the title & header part. And it will not be wise to use it in the text area.



Courier font was designed by Howard ‘Bud’ Kettler. Especially for IBM’s typewriters. And it’s adapted to the desktop computer. Also, it is the official font used for screenwriting in the film industry.

The basic characteristic of this font is a monospaced slab. That means each letter or punctuation mark holds the same number of parallel spaces on the page. This font is mostly used by typewriters and screenwriters.



Verdana is a sam-Sherif type font that is more accessible and adds space between letters to provide them a more even feel. It also does small variations to ensure that “equivocal” letters like b, d, p, and q. Thus it helps to increase readability and reduce reader exhaustion.

You can choose anyone from the fonts we have discussed above. Because these are highly used by most professional people. So if you’re thinking to improve your email typography, you can A/B test which fonts bring the most successful result. And then take the necessary initiatives.

Check out the following video based on email typography tips & tricks 👇

Best Email Font You Can Use

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Email Typography Tips: Fonts & Size For Email Marketing

Email writing tips

It’s advantageous to pick a font that’s neat, uncluttered, and simple to read – The Balance Carrer

It narrates that whatever you’re writing to your customers, it’s more important to keep an eye on choosing the right font & size. The more you select the right font, the better your email has a chance to be opened. So all we can say is ‘Font style & Size matter to your readers’.

So using a professional font is a wise decision that boosts your email get through. Here are a few tips & tricks for you that will help you understand email typography very well 👇

Choosing Font Size

Your customers are from all around the world, so make sure your font & its size are eligible for them. Don’t make it too large or small. Keep a minimal standard size (10 points or 12 points) and ratio among the letters so that your readers get the full email text body without scrolling down or up.

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Selecting Font Style

After choosing the right font, you need to consider choosing which style will be suitable. In most of cases, in the professional fields, people often use Arial, Verdana, Calibri, and Times New Roman. They are all similar in style and look.

So you must avoid some fancy fonts that look like handwriting or script form, such as Comic Sans. initially, it may look lucrative but your reader may not like it. And find it unsuitable, or confusing.

Therefore, consistency is the key factor here. And you should maintain it through your message in both fonts & sizes.

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Selecting a Font

This is the most crucial fact that you should consider. After selecting, font size and style, now its time to choose a suitable font. We’ve already discussed this in our previous section about fonts. From there you can choose anyone. So make sure you’ve selected the right one. And then proceed with the next steps.

Giving Space in Between the Text

Using spaces perfectly makes your email typography more professional & accurate. Try to add a line of space after the greeting, in each paragraph, and before the lines. Don’t forget to add a signature to your message.

Another convenient way to begin with your email is to use bullet points to break up long paragraphs.

Testing Emails Before Sending

Once you’re finished with all the requirements, you need to proofread it. And then send it to your co-workers and tell them to review it. After getting the right compliment, you can take further action.

Whether you’re, a novice or a professional email marketer, try to maintain these rules carefully. And we hope you’ll get a better result in the end.

Note: Many marketers don’t get the desired result only for some minor mistakes. As a result, they fail to increase email open rates. The maximum time their email goes to spam. Learn how to fix it

Bonus: Introducing weMail

In our previous posts, we have already discussed weMail several times. But now, it’s time for a little bit better idea, let’s have a look at some basic features of it. And surely, this will certainly give you a better knowledge of the key features and would insist you use it.

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However, let us check out how weMail can empower you to have a smart email marketing experience by understanding its basic features

  • Integration with WordPress Outcomes
  • Addition of WordPress Contact Form
  • Opt-in Form
  • Double Opt-in Feature
  • Great Way To Analyze Your Audience
  • Email Listing Features
  • Import & Export
  • And Cost Calculator to measure costs

So these are the major qualities of weMail that can easily expand your email marketing strategy and conversion. And unlike other online email marketing solutions, weMail offers the handiest features in one place.

Enhance Your Email Typography with weMail

Well, as an email marketer, you must know the current email marketing trends to compete against your competitors. And knowing each & every possible thing about email typography is one of them to stay updated. But a simple mistake can snatch away all your hard work and effort.

In that case, you can improve your email marketing tactics and also email typography with weMail. So without making any delay grab weMail and get a better result.

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