Month: January 2022

How to Create Product Launch Emails

How to Create Product Launch Emails that Convert [Plus 9 Examples, Templates & Tips]

The effort and time given to create a new product go in vain if it fails to reach the end-users. What could be a better way to reach your target customers other than email marketing? The average email open rate across all industries is over 21%. It implies that out of 100 email recipients, 21 […]

Best free Newsletter Templates

7+ Best Free Newsletter Templates To Utilize For Email Marketing in 2022

Email marketing is definitely the smartest technique to instantly reach targeted customers. It helps to deliver the most valuable content to the customers following their expectations. From easing your email marketing tasks to aligning the email content, email newsletter templates help to get better results with a higher open rate. Plus, it enables you to […]

Best Company Profile Examples to Inspire You

7 Highly Converting Company Profile Examples to Inspire You and Tips to Create a Great One

Appearances are winners in the first place. Your company profile is what makes the first impression on a visitor. A well-designed and compelling company profile helps your visitor learn about your business and your service and get a feeling of instant trust. Building a guiding company profile ensures that your visitors get the core glimpses […]

re-engagement email campaign

Win Back Inactive Subscribers with a Re-engagement Email Campaign

As an email marketer, you know the pain of finding active leads. It hurts and pulls you down when the number of inactive users increases.  Don’t end it up with a long breath (sigh), there is an efficacious solution to this situation. You can go for a re-engagement email campaign.  After researching on “We Miss […]

weMail Promote Your WordPress Plugins and Themes

An Entrepreneurs Guide on How to Promote WordPress Plugin and Theme

After you’ve created a WordPress plugin, what’s the next step? Similarly, when you’ve built a unique and beautiful theme, what should you do afterwards? The answer is simple. You need to sell your plugins and themes. But are you giving much thought to promoting the product? Selling something is easy when it sells. People only […]