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Documentation plugin for WordPress

Introducing weDocs (2.0)- Your go-to documentation plugin for WordPress 🎉

Lets weDocs handle your documentation pain and hassle, the best documentation plugin for WordPress. Check out the guide to unveil what’s new!

tips to improve Coupon Marketing Strategy

How to Improve Your Coupon Marketing Strategy to Accelerate Sales

The prime reason is saving money big time. And, now we have digital coupons on the play besides the traditional ones. Especially for eCommerce aka online stores, digital coupons are a winning shot to elevate sales. OK, think now, can you manage your coupon marketing without a proper strategy?

Email Drip Campaign Examples

7 Best Email Drip Campaign Examples To Inspire Yours

We have sorted some best email drip campaign examples to inspire your email marketing strategy. After you finish reading, you will learn – what is email drip campaign, some intriguing examples, and tips to take your email conversion and retention to new heights.

introducing simplified editor - wemail

Feature Update: Introducing weMail’s New Writing Focused Editor! 🎉

weMail is introducing all new writing focused editor for writing more easily. The feature brings more power and flexibility in email editing experience, and save times.

how to manage email subscriptions

5 Tips to Effectively Manage Email Subscriptions

This blog discusses how to manage your email subscriptions. Also it wil show how to unsubscribe on different email platforms with tips and tools.

suppression list in email marketing

What is a Suppression List in Email Marketing and Best Practices

An email suppression list is a tool used in email marketing to manage and maintain the list of recipients who should not receive certain email communications. This blog will show you what is a suppression list in email marketing, and how to utilize this list at best. Keep reading.

Cloudflare Turnstile for weMail embed forms

New Feature – Block SPAM Submissions with Cloudflare Turnstile in weMail Embed Forms

The embed form of weMail is now Cloudflare Turnstile enabled. This means it will now require extra verification before someone can join your list.

Email Marketing Metrcis and KPIs

Essential Email Marketing Metrics to Learn for 2024 (Plus how to Improve them)

This article explains the top email marketing metrics. As a marketer, it’s one of your core jobs to track the email marketing performance. So, learning about must-have email KPIs is essential.

Irresistible Abandoned Cart Email Templates to Get Inspiration

10 Irresistible Abandoned Cart Email Templates to Get Inspiration for 2023

Whether you sell products to another business or direct consumers, abandoned cart emails are a game. And, if you are looking for the best way to create them, this blog will show you a handful of abandoned cart email templates to get your strategies right.


11 Best Mailerlite Alternatives for Advanced Email Marketers

In this blog, we will discuss the 11 best MailerLite alternatives to give you a proper idea. We will also be sharing helpful information to choose the right one for your business, including the pricing of the tools. 

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