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Exclude Recipients: Personalize Email Lists with Ease

weMail Feature Update: Exclude Recipients – Personalize Your Email Lists with Ease

Accurate filtering and personalization in email listing are a must for any successful email marketing campaign. This enables you to send emails to the most suitable recipients based on their behavior, interests, demography, and other valuable points. But creating new email lists from scratch every time before starting new campaigns is a time-consuming process. To make the process easy, weMail has recently released a new feature – Exclude Recipients. It will give you more control in personalizing email lists in the shortest possible time.

Best Sales Promotion Email Examples

Best Sales Promotion Email Examples to Win Over Your Customers

Sales emails are sent to excite customers with special offers to drive sales. Let’s explore some best sales promotion email examples that win customers’ hearts.

ai in email marketing

AI in Email Marketing – Create Your Next Email Campaign with the Help of AI

Artificial intelligence is going to be an integral part of your daily life if it is not already. AI tools like Google Bard, Chatgpt, or Midjourney are shaping our day-to-day digital experience. As an email marketer, how you are going to cope with this ever-evolving age of AI? Can email marketing and AI go hand in hand? The answers are simple. The adoption of AI is a must. In this blog, we are going to discuss AI in email marketing, tips on how to use artificial intelligence to create your next email campaign, and all you need to know related to the topic right now.

How to Create Interactive Email Newsletters to Boost Engagement

How to Create Interactive Email Newsletters to Boost Engagement

Traditional newsletters filled with plain texts and generic images can no longer bring positive enough traction today. This article will provide you with a detailed guide on how to create interactive email newsletters that win your audiences’ hearts and boosts engagement.

A Guide to Email Cadence

A Guide to Email Cadence: How Often Should You Send Email Marketing Campaign

Sending emails at the right time to the right subscribers, that’s what they say about every successful email conversion. But are there any short-cut ways to find the perfect timing? The best way to know that is by practicing a better-sending frequency or email cadence.

email automation examples

11 Email Automation Examples for Marketing Workflows

Email automation is one of the best ways to keep your subscribers engaged with timely automated emails, good nurturing, and a boost to the conversion rate. Unlike any other marketing channel, it is simple and cost-effective too. The question remains – is it easy to create a highly converting automated email sequence? The answer would […]

why and how to use ps in email

How to Write P.S. in Email with Examples and Best Practices – A Marketers Guide

Marketers use P.S. as a fun way to connect readers for further engagement. Learn what P.S. is and how to write P.S. in an email with best practices and examples.

weMail Feature Release – Support for All Amazon AWS Regions, Blocking Fake Emails, Automated Suppressions, A/B Testing, and More

Yet again, weMail brings some newest features to improve your email marketing experience. With the March 2023 feature release, you will get more control over your email list, maintain clean and steady deliverability, increase your engagement rate with A/B test campaigns, and gain more access to Amazon SES.

Top Email Marketing Trends to follow

9 Email Marketing Trends to Follow for 2023 and Win Over Your Customers

A big trend in a specific year could be irrelevant in the next. As we are talking about email marketing, is it the same here too? The best way to put it is – email marketing trends are evolving rather than changing. So which email marketing trends are going to rule 2023?

What are Email Automation Triggers and How to Use Them the Right Way

What are Email Automation Triggers and How to Use Them the Right Way (A Step-by-Step Guide)

Email automation triggers are a powerful way to streamline your email marketing efforts. Triggers are set by marketers to automate a series of emails whenever audiences complete any pre-defined action. This enables you to deliver valuable messages to the right audiences within time.

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