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How to Write a Friendly Email for Email Marketing

Whether it is for email marketing or just emailing an old friend, you need to write a friendly email with a proper tone and structure.

I have been a loyal subscriber to many influencers who use email marketing.

In my own experience

Looking at most of the content of these emails, you can get an idea of how carefully the emails are-written. They are not always formal but friendly and down to earth. You do not get the feeling that these people are doing all this for their business.

All of these emails convey a purpose, an experience, a mission, and a common interest. For example, Neil Patel’s content is not all about digital marketing services. If you subscribe to his email, you will find that his email content also gives tips on practising your digital marketing skills.

Drafting a friendly email is critical, especially during hard times. It helps to bond with your subscribers and keep your business operating. (At the time of writing this article, there is a COVID-19 Pandemic virus going on.)

Do you want to learn how to write a friendly email?

This article will show you all you need to about writing a friendly email with ideas for making them interesting so that your audience will read your email content.

So let’s get to it.

A Friendly Email is Supported by an Eye-Catching Subject Title

Friendly Email

A friendly email is one that has a subject title that interests your users. Many people end up deleting emails because the subject title did not appear to create give a feeling the email might have content that was of high value.

On the other hand, here are some email subjects that you can consider.

  • ONLY 5 hours Remaining for the Flash Sales!
  • Top Courses for Personal Development
  • FREE Content on Digital Marketing.

Having great email content is honestly a waste if the subject title does not spark an interest in your subscriber’s mind.

Friendly Email
The media industry uses attention-grabbing headlines for attracting users.

When setting a subject line, the main goal is to encourage your audience to open your email.

This rule is maintained everywhere-news, blogs, youtube titles, and even a simple Facebook post. All the contents start with a great title that grabs your attention.

A Friendly Email has the Best Introduction

Think about it, you have set an eye-catching title, now what next to make your email friendly?

Let us help, the introduction.

You must add an introduction that does at least 2 things:

  • The intro gives an idea of what this email is all about.
  • Reading the intro should sound engaging.

In short, You need to add a great introduction.

Friendly Email
Start your introduction and make the reader realise your email is useful.

This is similar to setting an attention-grabbing subject title of your email. It is alright if your introduction consists of a few separate lines.

A friendly email content usually will not consist of a large detailed email. It will be a small one. However, I have seen email content having a word limit of 100-300 words. This is especially true if the content is of very high value.

Add Pictures for Your Emails

In a friendly email, you can insert a picture that is relevant to your topic. I have not seen anyone use this trick recommended by others but I did see this trick implemented by Laurence Bradford, founder of Learn to Code With Me.

So what did she do?

Usually, her posts are all about coding, a career in the tech industry and podcasts. She also inserts gif files into email content.

Shortly after the COVID-19 pandemic, she posted images of her small wedding to her subscribers. It was the sweetest and most refreshing email I had received from her.

Friendly Email sample
Adding images can make a BIG difference in email marketing.

You would never feel this is an unprofessional email because the content of her emails is so interesting to read that when pictures are added you would only want to keep reading her emails.

How to Write a Friendly Email with a Content Value

Why are people addicted to Facebook?

It’s because Facebook has content that people can relate to and find valuable. It could be videos, news reports, or a simple LIKE on your recent update. All these things are content that provides value to use as they are informative content.

So when you are writing a friendly email, make sure there is content that is of great value.

Friendly Email sample
Your email should contain valuable content for readers to want to stay with you.

When I was at university, many of my former classmates disliked checking their university’s email service because the contents were boring. The contents were usually about signing deals, tuition deadlines, and so on.

In fact,

They would rather rely on word-of-mouth to get updates from their classmates and would only check the mail occasionally to submit their tasks.


Let’s go back to Laurence Bradford. Her emails have a lot of great content that will benefit you. Even if you cannot currently afford the courses, you will find free content that is of high value such as podcast announcements with leading tech experts, blogs on tech and sites that are offering learning materials for free.

So when you want to send a friendly email, you should always think, “why should the receiver want to open my email?”

This question should force you to think about adding content that your readers or subscribers will find valuable. If your emails have informative content that is valuable then your subscribers will want to check their emails first thing in the morning.

How to Write a Friendly Email with Proper Sentence Structure

So now you know adding images is a factor when deciding how to write a friendly email.

But that’s not enough.

Maintaining a proper sentence structure in your email is very crucial because will make the email easy to read. This rule is the same for other formats of writing as well.

Friendly Email sample
Keep the sentence structure organised so that reading is a comfort to your reader’s eye.

Whether it is news, blog, article, or an essay-if proper sentence structure is not well maintained in an organized manner then no one will bother to read the contents of your work.

It is a fact

If your writings are not structured and happen to be messy, then your examiner will not award you with a high score even if the content is rich with the right answers. The same goes for writing emails as well. So concentrate on writing your email with proper grammar and sentence structure.

A Friendly Ending should be a Personal One

John Sonmez, founder of is known for keeping his emails not just friendly but personal.

His email contents range from personal experience to tech discussions. He also frequently shares the experience of his subscribers who have learned how to code.

John has been very personal not only with his email content but also on Youtube. Both his Youtube and friendly email contents are very informative, blunt yet honest about reality when working in the tech industry. This is the essence of a friendly email.

Dokan Marketplace

I have been following John for many years.

And here’s what he does

He usually adds Youtube links to his emails. So subscribers end up being directed to watch his videos. Neil Patel also implements the same trick.

This tactic is very successful in making readers stay loyal to you. Just like any close relationship, you are more likely to be close to people who maintain this category of closeness with you.

The most impressive part about John’s habit of being personal is, all THIS is done without giving away details of his personal life such as his family’s privacy.

how to write a friendly email
You can maintain a personal relationship with your subscribers by being true, honest and passionate.

Being personal does not mean you have to talk about your family or give away your credit card number.

On the contrary,

Being personal in your friendly email means your email should APPEAR to be personal by maintaining elements of valuable content while being able to present it to the audience by being friendly.

So what did we learn?

Combing the factors such as adding pictures, valuable content with a jaw-dropping title and a magnetic introduction should make you APPEAR personal and close to your audience.

Managing Your Family of Subscribers

So you have set the best email that will keep your readers hungry for more content. But what happens when you have thousands of email subscribers?

Simply put:

Knowing how to manage your email subscribers by keeping track of how well your emails are doing is a vital issue.

You do not now want to mindlessly set great emails, you want to also be able to know how to manage your users who will want to be apart of your circle.

how to write a friendly email
As you get more subscribers, the need to manage users becomes important for your business’s growth

Once you get to know how to write a friendly email you will be seeing the following changes in your business:

  • You will need an email gateway to prevent hackers from hacking your files.
  • You may need to integrate an e-commerce platform with your email service so that you can sell your products or services.
  • With a growing number of users and followers, you may most likely need to import these users into subscribers for receiving the email notification.
  • If you run an online store (or an e-commerce platform) customers from your online platform may want to subscribe to your email for receiving your email content.
  • By the time you start to carry-out email campaigns, you will already start to feel the pressure for executing campaigns as fast as possible.

You can find solutions to all of this by using weMail, which is used to support people who rely on email marketing to build an audience.

Friendly Emails also Need to be Presented Visually

Have you wondered what makes the influencers email marketing campaigns to often perform well?

Top influencers of email marketing also use visual templates for running campaigns. Visual templates are HARD to create-they are time-consuming and need tools like Adobe XD and Illustrator to create templates that must be visually appealing.

how to write a friendly email
With weMail, you can get FREE templates to enhance your friendly emails.

Having good visuals in your email adds a sense of professionalism to your friendly email.

FORTUNATELY, weMail has more than 15 gorgeous email templates for you to choose from. They are stunning templates that will help to ingrain a brand image in your influencer’s mind.

Last Words before You Start Drafting Your Friendly Email

Please note that weMail works with WordPress based sites only.

Not surprisingly, influencers such as John Somnez and Laurence Bradford also use WordPress to manage their friendly email marketing from one dashboard.

It may seem there is a lot to process for sending friendly emails to your subscribers.

However, in reality, it really isn’t much. Email marketing content should be short. This means in contrast to long blog content, preparing an email content should not take too long to prepare.

With weMail you not only manage your subscribers but also quickly set your contents using the ready-made templates for free.

This article gives you tips on drafting a friendly email that can make a big difference to you and your business.

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