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Email Settings of Subscribe2 Plugin

Subscribe2 plugin is mainly to send email notification for new blog posts. However, you need to set up your email settings before sending notifications.

For email settings, navigate to Subscribe2-> Settings->Email Settings. There you will find all the options. You can choose to –

  • Restrict the number of recipients per email
  • Send Admins notifications for new Subscriptions/Unsubscriptions/Both/Neither
  • Include theme CSS stylesheet in HTML notifications
  • Send Emails for Pages
  • Send Emails for Password Protected Posts
  • Send Emails for Private Posts

Also, you can select from whom the mail will be sent and when to send emails. For example, for each post, after 1 minute, 2 minutes, weekly, monthly, etc.

If you want you can add tracking parameters to the permalink.

email settings

That’s it for email settings.

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