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20+ Best Survey Email Subject Lines to Maximize Your Results

Having the right survey email subject line can make all the difference in today’s email inbox. Competition for attention is tough because the average person gets over 120 emails daily. Perfect survey email subject lines are very important to make it opened by the respondents!

According to recent research, about 47% of emails are opened based solely on the subject line (OptinMonster, 2023). And, personalizing that subject line can increase open rates by 26% (Campaign Monitor, 2023).

Subject lines that appeal to people boost completion rates by 50% (SurveyMonkey), and surveys with numbers and questions in the headline are 50% more likely to be opened (HubSpot).

In this post, we’ll share 20+ survey email subject lines that will make people want to open your emails and provide helpful insights.

Let’s start!

What is a Survey Email?

A survey email is a kind of email that is sent to respondents to gain their feedback, opinions or data through a survey. Usually, the survey email contains a link to the questionnaire, which is an online form.

This kind of email is used by businesses, researchers, and organizations who look for data about their audiences. The most important part of a survey email is its subject line. Because it tells respondents the purpose of the email and is used to convince the recipient to open it.

Survey emails can be used for various purposes, such as:

  • Customer Satisfaction: Understanding how satisfied customers are with a product or service.
  • Market Research: Gaining insights into market trends, customer preferences, and potential opportunities.
  • Employee Feedback: Collecting feedback from employees to improve workplace culture and processes.
  • Event Feedback: Evaluating the success of events and identifying areas for improvement.
  • Product Development: Gathering user opinions to guide the development of new products or features.

A Quick Note on How to Write a Perfect Subject Line for Survey Email

Creating a perfect subject line for survey emails involves a simple formula:

Curiosity Hook + Personalization + Benefit Highlight + Urgency Cue.

How to write Survey Email Subject Lines
  • Curiosity Hook: Spark interest and make recipients curious.
  • Personalization: Tailor the subject line to the individual.
  • Benefit Highlight: Show the value or benefit of taking the survey.
  • Urgency Cue: Create a sense of urgency to prompt immediate action.

By combining curiosity, personalization, a clear benefit, and a sense of urgency, you can significantly increase your email open rates and survey completions.

If you want to learn more about how to write an email subject line, please read 13 Best Email Subject Line Tips to Increase Your Open Rates & Engagements.

20+ Best Survey Email Subject Lines to Maximize Your Results   

To help you achieve success in email open rate, we’ve compiled a list of 20+ best survey email subject lines. We’ll explain them with a suitable example in this section so you can take inspiration to write your subject lines.

Let’s dive in and discover them!

1. ‘Take a Closer Look’

Survey Email Subject Lines

This subject line sparks interest by raising a question, like ‘What might be there that I want to find?’ This curiosity encourages the recipient to open the email to find out more.

It is sufficiently open-ended enough to be adapted for various purposes, such as ‘Please, fill out the survey!’ or ‘Enjoy your lunch during your workday!’

It suggests benefits like shared insights, special information, or important and timely understanding, without revealing too much.

2. ‘We Want to Hear You’

We Want to here you- Email Subject Line

This subject line is very direct and appealingly personal. It promises that the recipient is both valued and due attention. The recipient’s opinions and feedback are emphasized in order to take the reader into a position of being cared about.

The benefits are clear, as recipients understand that their voices are being heard. This can help you influence their decision in a positive direction or to improve something practically.

It also invokes urgency in the reader, as the simple word ‘want’ probably reminds the recipient that the person behind the survey is rather keen to hear from them as soon as possible.

3. ‘Share Your Opinion’

Best Email Subject Lines

It’s a simple, inviting, provocative subject line. The ‘You’ addresses the recipient, the ‘join in’ invites them to engage in viewing and commenting, and the ‘say what you think’ creates an exclusivity to their judgment.

The ‘won’t be able’ is a clear promise of their influential involvement; they are being asked to make a difference in the way the organization moves forward. There is no ‘now!’ sense of urgency, but that personal plea has been known to create a feeling of importance and urgency and it triggers a sense of reciprocity.

Recipients are more likely to open the email and complete the survey because they feel important and asked to contribute.

4. ‘Got a Minute? We’ve Got Questions & Prizes!’

This title convinces recipients who are eager to save time and encourages them to participate in the survey. The tone is very casual, making the question quite friendly. This makes people more likely to open the email and join in. Plus, the survey is easy and enjoyable with the excitement of winning prizes.

5. ‘Join the Feedback Fun

Survey Email Subject Lines

The subject line ‘Join the Feedback Fun’ is designed to create a sense of excitement and engagement for the recipients. By using the term ‘fun’, it conveys a light-hearted and enjoyable tone, making the feedback process seem less like a chore and more like an interactive experience.

The word ‘Join’ implies inclusivity, inviting the recipients to be part of something enjoyable and rewarding.

This subject line wants to make people interested in the survey. It shows how giving feedback can be positive and interactive.

6. ‘Help Us Serve You Better: Complete Our Survey’

This subject line is crafted to appeal to the recipient’s desire for improved service and personalized attention. By directly addressing the recipient with ‘Help Us Serve You Better,’ it conveys a sense of importance and value placed on their feedback.

The phrase ‘Complete Our Survey’ provides a clear call to action, indicating the specific task expected from the recipient. Overall, this subject line aims to encourage recipients to participate in the survey by highlighting the mutual benefit of their input in enhancing the service provided to them.

7. ‘Make Your Voice Heard: Complete Our Survey Today’

Survet Email Subject Lines

This subject line was designed to give readers some power in stating that they are ‘making’ their ‘voice heard’.

Furthermore the use of terms such as ‘Complete Our Survey Today’ is more directive and time-sensitive which, I believe, enhances the inclination of others to act by the time reference of ‘Today’.

Overall, this subject line aims at having the most impact by making the respondent feel that their voice will be heard and make a difference going forward.

8. ‘Feedback Fiesta: Participate in Our Survey’

This subject line adds a festive spin to the invitation to take the survey. It refers to the survey as a ‘Feedback Fiesta’, which puts some excitement in providing feedback (and some elements of fun as well).

Finally, ‘Participate’ encourages active involvement in the survey. The overall effect is to make the experience of providing feedback more fun and enjoyable.

9. ‘Help Us Out! You Might Just Score a Freebie’

Survey Email Subject Lines

The subject line piques curiosity and gives the promise of a reward, while the three exclamation points convey a sense of urgency, motivating recipients to act right away. It works well by combining curiosity, clear benefit and urgency.

10. ‘Shape Our Services: Share Your Feedback Now’

The subject line ‘Shape Our Services: Share Your Feedback Now’ compels the receiver to read about the opportunity to make an impact (‘Shape Our Services’) as well as a sense of urgency (‘Share Your Feedback Now’).

This conjunction of self-respect and urgency will push people towards reacting immediately, even if they hadn’t anticipated caring enough to visit the site in the first place.

11. ‘Can We Borrow 2 Minutes? Rewards Await!’

Reward Survey Email Subject Line

The subject line ‘Can We Borrow 2 Minutes? Rewards Await!’ is designed to attract attention and encourage participation by combining a simple request with an enticing incentive.

It suggests that the survey will be quick, only taking two minutes, while also promising a potential reward, which adds motivation and urgency for the recipient to act promptly.

12. ‘Hurry! Your Feedback Can Be A Game Changer’

In the subject line ‘Hurry! Your Feedback Could Be a Game Changer!’, urgency is used to make the act of doing something seem more important. It also suggests that the recipient’s opinion is important, may change things, and might even produce a major change.

13. ‘Let’s Improve Together: Take Our Survey!’

The subject line is geared towards helping the other person and fosters feelings of collaboration and mutual benefit. Recipients can see that their actions would result in a better experience or service for both of them.

This suggests that the researchers also viewed virtual technologies as being collaborative, fostering interaction and exchange between participants.

14. ‘Shape Our Next Move: Share Your Feedback’

Best Survey Email Subject Line

The subject line invites recipients to play a pivotal role in influencing future decisions or directions.

It encourages them to contribute their insights and opinions, emphasizing the impact their feedback can have on shaping upcoming strategies or actions.

This approach motivates engagement by highlighting the recipient’s role in guiding organizational decisions.

15. ‘Tell Us How We’re Doing: Quick Survey Inside’

The subject line prompts recipients to provide feedback on their experience, implying a direct invitation to share opinions through a conveniently accessible survey.

This approach combines clarity, urgency, and an implicit request for engagement, making it effective in encouraging participation.

16. ‘Take a Moment: Complete Our Short Survey’

The subject line invites recipients to invest a brief moment of their time in providing valuable feedback. It emphasizes the ease and quickness of the survey, suggesting that their input is both important and achievable within a short span.

This approach respects the recipient’s time while encouraging them to participate, framing the survey as an easy and meaningful way to contribute to improving services or products.

17. ‘We’re Listening: Take Our Short Survey’

Best Email Survey Lines

This suggests listening and responsiveness. It encourages them to participate in a brief survey, emphasizing the ease and convenience of providing feedback while fostering a sense of partnership in improving services or products.

18. ‘Make A Difference: Share Your Experience’

The subject line ‘Make a Difference: Share Your Experience!’ encourages readers to offer their opinions by highlighting the reciprocal relationship of influence between the organization quoting them and the recipients themselves.

It causes the value that the audience’s opinion can make some differences in business.

19. ‘Be a Feedback Ninja: Take Our Stealthy Survey!’

The subject line injects humour and intrigue by likening survey participation to being a stealthy ninja. It playfully suggests that providing feedback is a skilful and impactful act, inviting recipients to participate in a way that feels engaging and light-hearted.

20. ‘Your Thoughts: We Promise No Boring Questions’

The subject line uses humour to assure recipients that the survey experience will be engaging and different. By playfully suggesting that the questions are anything but mundane, it aims to pique curiosity and encourage participation.

This approach seeks to make the survey feel more enjoyable and worthwhile, enticing recipients to provide their feedback with a sense of anticipation.

21. ‘Got Opinions? We’ve Got Cookies (Almost!’)

Its enticing subject line ‘Got Opinions? We’ve Got Cookies (Almost!’) blends whimsical humor with a bribe. It suggests that the survey will be so fun that it will be perceived as a reward itself.

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Final Thoughts

Crafting the perfect subject line is key to maximizing your survey email open rates. Our list of 20+ best survey email subject lines will help you capture attention and drive engagement.

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