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9 Best Transactional Email Examples to Power up Your Customer Engagement Process

If you are a site or business owner, every day you have sent lots of Transactional Emails. You may don’t know that the open rate of this type of email is 8 times better than regular Marketing Emails. Though transactional emails are crucial for email marketing, it always remains an underrated part!

Most organizations approach it like obligations where it is a great opportunity for them. You can use it as a customer engagement strategy and bring a sound amount of traffic on your site.

In this article, we will discuss this and display some common yet powerful transactional email samples which can create loyal followers and customers effortlessly.

transactional email example

What is Transactional Email?

An email associated with the customer’s account activity and works based on their actions is known as the transactional email. As it is a fraction of triggered emails thus they are logical. Reassuring the clients is the main goal of transactional emails.

If you want to send the right email to the appropriate subscriber, you have to automate the whole process. 

For creating successful transactional emails you need to send personalized messages. Firstly, the email marketer has to prioritize the information that the recipients are expecting.

And, it improves your customer service to the customers.

Transactional Emails Vs. Marketing Emails

Transactional Emails Vs. Marketing Emails

Marketing emails work for commercial purposes. Usually, after planning a campaign the emails sent to the subscribers bulky. For not ending up in the spam folder the emails must have –

  • Edgy subject line
  • Shorten length
  • Eye-catchy opt-in forms
  • Covetable offers
  • No promotional speech

Within a low-priced email campaign, you can contact your customers and visitors directly. Moreover, it can boost your business ROI drastically, and build a strong bridge with your inherent clients. 

Here are some of the examples of marketing emails –

  • Welcome Emails
  • Promotional and Sales Emails
  • Newsletters
  • Discount and Offers
  • Event Invitation
  • Product Updates
  • And more

Unlike the marketing email, some digital marketers called Transactional email as programmatic email. This triggered email is not sent by doing a huge plan and at a particular time like a marketing email. Basically, it is a reflection of user interaction in a website, mobile apps, online store, or anywhere on the internet.  

Some of the top examples of transactional emails are –

  • Order confirmations
  • Account verification
  • Security alert
  • Password resets
  • Email receipts
  • Information product shipping
  • And more

The transactional email contains only the specific information and it is a one-to-one email. Perhaps, you too also get transactional emails every day. When you add some products in your cart from an online shop or you book a ticket, you get a confirmation email or security email that contains the order number to help you furthermore.  

Types of Transactional Emails

Transactional Email Examples

There are different types of transactional email examples. And, you have to know the categories before applying them for your email marketing approach.

In such cases, you have to build different templates for each type of email like –

Top Transactional Email Examples to Increase User Engagement

In this part of the blog, we have tried to gather the most popular transactional emails. Each of them has different purposes in different methods. And, all of them are able to give you proper ideas to create your own versions of transactional emails.

1. Double Opt-in Email

Double Opt-in Email
Source: Stripo

Double opt-in emails are sent when a user signs up for a website’s subscription or an email campaign list. This types of mail contain a link or CTA button and clicking on them the user officially added to the email marketing list.

As an email marketer, you should send double opt-in emails to filter your future loyal customers who have true interests in your service.

Besides that, it reduces being added to the spam folder and shows how much traffic is there to hear from you.

2. Password Reset Email

Password Reset transactional Email examples
Source: Udemy

Commonly, people forget the social media account’s password. After clicking on Forget Password, you get an option for resetting the password through an email.

This email assures that your customers recover access to your services or products. The user updates their password and recovers their account. 

Thus, a company must have these types of email templates. Certain transactional emails are crucial to protect user accounts. 

3. Welcome Email

Welcome Email- transactional email examples

After confirming the email address, you should send a welcome email from your community. 

You can see the welcome email of Amazon jobs above. Also, there is a link with the word here to verify the job applicant account. You can check your emails anytime whenever you subscribe to a service. This type of welcome email initiates the very first interactions with customers.

4. Order Confirmation Email

Order Confirmation Email

For any company, the order confirmation is one of the most important transactional emails. People read them very precisely and it comes with a high open-rate

Basically, these emails ensure the customer that their order has been fixed successfully. If you are an eCommerce marketplace owner, this email can be an excellent chance for product cross-promotion.

5. Order Cancellation Email

Order Cancellation Email
Source: Github

Your customers can ask for an order cancelation, he/ she have the right. We know it is unfortunate but at the same time, you have to satisfy them with your service.

If the customer got an email about order cancelation, he/ she will feel relief. In that email, you can leave a link or a CTA button to purchase or order again. This will prove how customer-friendly you are!

6. Trial Expiration Email

Trial Expiration Email
Source: Really Good Mails

If you want to provide a 14 or 30 days trial to your potential customers, you should have a trial expiration email template. It is very useful for companies that have products or services. 

When the trial period is near the deadline, you can alert them with this transactional email. 

7. Invoice email

Invoice email
Source: Cushion

If you are a service provider, you may often need to send this type of email. Invoice email can be set automated and send at a particular time. 

You should add invoice numbers, basic details of the money to be paid, and some company details for the user. Also, add a CTA button which will lead to the payment option. 

8. Payment Confirmation Emails

transactional email examples
Source: Automizy

Nowadays online payment is the only way to pay for software, product, or service. And, the customers feel faith in those companies who send the payment confirmation email. 

This valid proof for transaction helps a customer in the long run if he/ she faces any problem. It is another transactional email examples and the template seems very simple to work out.

9. Shipping Confirmation Email

transactional email examples
Source: Jilt

An ideal shipping confirmation email must include –

  • Statement of successfully shipping 
  • Details of the order
  • Tracking and transaction number
  • Possible date of order receiving

When your customer has confirmed the order, you should package the product and after sending it to shipping don’t forget to give an email of shipping confirmation.

Why is Transactional Email so Crucial?

The only and core difference of marketing email and transactional email is people wait for transactional email because they need it at that time. On the other hand, marketing emails sent for marketing purposes and most of the time people ignore them.

Transactional Email Examples

Apart from that, there are more reasons for transactional email success – 

  • Communicate with a clear message
  • Not a single word for business promotion
  • Have a 48% CTR rate
  • Low chance of stuck up in spam folder
  • Converts the subscribers into customers

Final Thoughts on Transactional Email Examples

Transactional emails are crucial for running a business. Moreover, it is mandatory when you are running an online store or service. 

All the transactional email examples are used by different companies. You can make yours a perfect email marketing tool.

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