How to Write a Killer Review Request Email to Get Social Proof and Boost Sales

Customer reviews are like a trusted friend recommending a product. They attract more customers, build trust, and offer valuable feedback for your eCommerce store.

Potential buyers love to consider reviews to make informed decisions while buying products.

Suppose you have an online store selling products and services to customers. As you are serving well and your customers are happy about it, you can use their satisfaction as a marketing tool by showing their reviews in different places. The question is, how do we do it?

You can professionally ask customers to submit their reviews so you can showcase them in different places. In this blog, we will unfold the secrets of writing effective review request emails to customers. Let’s dive into the details.

Why Reviews are Important for Sales and Social Proof

Good reviews are like gold for any business. They could be the key reasons why more and more customers will come to buy your products. Have a quick look at why reviews are so important for any business.

a. Trust, Credibility, and Informed-Decision Making

Positive reviews build trust by showcasing buyers’ satisfaction. Reviews help buyers make informed choices based on real experiences.

b. User-generated Content and SEO Benefits

Reviews create authentic content for marketing, which highlights actual customer satisfaction. Reviews positively impact search engine rankings, enhancing a company’s online visibility.

c. Feedback for Improvement and Social Proof

Reviews offer valuable feedback, aiding businesses in identifying and fixing issues. Besides, positive reviews act as social proof, influencing others to choose a product or service.

d. Building Relations

Engaging with reviews helps companies build customer relationships and demonstrate commitment to products and services.

e. Competitive Advantages and Transparency

Favorable reviews give a competitive edge in a crowded market. Encouraging reviews reflects transparency, showing a willingness to receive feedback.

f. Word-of-Mouth Marketing

Positive reviews lead to organic word-of-mouth promotion, which generates original leads to your products or services.

Steps of How to Write Killer Review Request Emails to Customers

Already, you know how valuable customer reviews are for fostering trust, providing insights, and enhancing business credibility in a competitive market. But how to ask for reviews! Here, we’ll explain the process step-by-step that anyone can follow.

Step 01: Spice Up the Subject Line

Your email subject is the VIP of attention-grabbing! Make it short, clear, and about what’s inside. Show them the perks. For example:

  • Tell us your thoughts, and score a 15% discount!
  • Share Your Feedback and Enjoy Exclusive Savings!
  • Rate Your Experience and Get a Thank You Discount!
  • Exclusive Savings Awaits! Review Us for a Discount!
  • Your Opinion Matters: Unlock a Special Offer!

Once you’ve got their attention, keep the email snappy, which can highlight the value they’ll get from sharing their thoughts.

How to write killer review request email

Step 02: Keep it Short, Simple and Focused

Short and sweet is the key to effective review request emails. Being concise and focused boosts engagement and increases the likelihood of recipients.

When your message is brief and to the point, it grabs attention. A clear call to action seals the deal. So, in crafting review requests. Remember: concise is compelling!

Keep it simple and straightforward, and end with a clear Call to Action (CTA).

Step 03: Introduce Yourself or Business to the Customers

Make your review request emails stand out by being instantly recognizable to your customers. So, introducing your brand to the customer is crucial.

In a review request email, clarity is key. Let customers know who you are and where you work—these details provide context and avoid any potential confusion.

Step 04: Be Thankful to the Customers

Expressing gratitude is like building trust between you and your customers. When you thank them, it’s not just about choosing your company; it’s about recognizing their role in your journey.

This fosters loyalty and helps the customers to make comeback decisions to your product in the near future.

Review Request Email

Step 05: Mention the Reward You Are Giving

When mentioning a reward, be clear and enticing. Specify details, use positive language, and ensure the reward aligns with the customer’s interests. It will add extra value and excitement to their experience.

Suppose you want to throw a 10% discount to the customers from whom you are asking for reviews. Here’s an example for you:-

“We’re thrilled to hear your thoughts. For every review, enjoy a fantastic 10% discount on your next order. Your feedback means the world to us!”

Step 06: Cut to the Chase and ask for Honest Reviews

In seeking honest reviews, getting straight to the point involves a clear and concise approach. Avoid unnecessary details and directly express the importance of their feedback. Use straightforward language to ask for their honest opinions and show that their input genuinely matters.

Encourage transparency and reassure them that truthful reviews significantly improve products or services. Keep the request simple and focus on the core message of valuing honest feedback.

Step 07: Personalize Your Request

Review Request Email

Addressing customers by their names creates a more personalized and genuine connection. Instead of using a generic salutation, such as “Dear Customer,use the customer’s name in your communication.

This simple act makes the request feel more individualized and demonstrates that you value each customer as a unique contributor.

Personalization creates a sense of importance and it makes customers more likely to engage with your request and provide honest feedback.

Step 08: Utilize Multi-Channel Approaches

Besides emails, drop a note on social media or pop a message in your app. You can even slip a friendly request into your packages. Different strokes for different folks – the more ways, the merrier! Varying your request methods helps you reach more awesome customers.

Step 09: End With a Good Note

End your request on a positive note. Express gratitude for their time and feedback. Leave them with a warm feeling. It will make clear how much you appreciate their contribution.

Ending on a good note encourages a positive association with the feedback process. And this also creates positive vibes for your customer management.

You can Personalize, mix up your methods, and end on a positive note. Follow these steps, and you’re set to gather some awesome reviews.

Some Follow Up Strategies after Review Request Email

Review Request Email

Send some follow-up emails or messages- politely reminding those who haven’t left a review. Keep it friendly and appreciative, encouraging them to share their thoughts.

Let’s learn some follow up strategies-

a) Polite Reminder Email

Send a short, friendly email thanking customers for their recent purchase and gently reminding them to share their thoughts. Keep it casual and appreciative.

b) Satisfaction Survey

Include a brief satisfaction survey in your follow-up communication. This not only encourages feedback but also provides valuable insights into specific aspects of their experience.

c) Feedback Integration

Show customers that their feedback matters by implementing visible changes based on previous reviews. Share these improvements in your follow-up and demonstrate a commitment to continuous enhancement.

d) Personalized Thank-You

Send a personalized thank-you message to customers who have already left reviews. Acknowledge their contribution and express how it positively impacts your business.

These realistic strategies focus on genuine appreciation, feedback integration, and ongoing engagement with your customers. They aim to create a positive and authentic relationship between your business and its customers.

How to and Where to Present the Reviews

In this section, we’ll explore effective strategies for presenting reviews on social media, product websites, and search engines. These will drive more trust and reliability among customers.

Social Media

Leverage the visual nature of social platforms to showcase reviews. Share snippets or customer stories with compelling visuals. Encourage interaction through polls or Q&A sessions to create a community around your brand.

How to write Review Request email


Optimize your product pages by prominently featuring positive reviews. Display overall ratings and satisfaction badges for quick reference. Integrate relevant reviews into product descriptions to provide potential customers with additional insights.

How to write Review Request email

Search Engines

Enhance your online presence by implementing rich snippets with schema markup. It showcases review snippets in search results. Actively manage and respond to Google My Business reviews for local visibility.

Integrate keywords from positive reviews into your website content to improve SEO and attract organic traffic.

How to write Review Request email

Besides, you can show the reviews in many ways! Such as email newsletters, social media campaigns and posts, etc. Find the effective one that suits your business and do them accordingly.

How to Create and Send Review Request Emails with weMail

If you are using WordPress, then weMail can be a better option for you to send emails to your customer. To set up weMail and get started, you may follow this documentation.

After completing the setup of weMail, you can follow the steps below to send review request emails to your customers.

Go to weMail and click New Campaign.

How to write Review Request email

Then, write a campaign name and hit the next button.

How to write Review Request email

Write the subject line following the instructions in this blog. Click the “Personalize” button and select First Name. This will send the email by personalizing the email with the recipient’s name.

How to write Review Request email

Click on Writing Focused Editor for further procedure. You can also choose the Drag & Drop Advanced Builder.

How to write Review Request email

Then, choose a template from a huge collection!

How to write Review Request email

Then, edit your template with your text and send or schedule your campaign.

How to write Review Request email


What if there is a negative review?

You may think that the not-so-great reviews can have some impact on your customer’s decision-making journey! But the thing is, they point out where we can do better and make our customer journey smoother.

Always respond – whether it’s thanks or tackling questions – it’s what makes your business real and awesome.
Cool. Right?

How often should I send review request emails to customers?

The frequency of review request emails depends on your business and customer base. It’s generally advisable not to overdo it to avoid annoyance. Consider sending requests strategically, such as after a customer makes a purchase or interacts with your product.

How do I handle fake or malicious reviews?

Fake or malicious reviews can be challenging to deal with. Most platforms have policies and processes in place for reporting and removing such reviews.

Monitor your reviews regularly and report any suspicious ones to the platform administrators. Responding professionally and addressing concerns can also mitigate the impact of false reviews.

Is it okay to edit or curate customer reviews before showcasing them on my website?

While it’s acceptable to correct grammatical errors or formatting issues, it’s essential to maintain the authenticity of customer reviews.

Avoid altering the substance of reviews, as this can lead to mistrust. Presenting genuine, unfiltered feedback contributes to the credibility of your business.

Final Thought

In the art of writing a compelling review request email, authenticity is the crucial part. By personalizing your message, expressing genuine gratitude, and offering a meaningful incentive, you can get great reviews from your customers.

By doing that, you’re not just seeking reviews – you’re building a connection with your customers. Remember, the goal is not just to receive feedback but to create a positive and lasting impression. So, go ahead, tailor your approach, and let your customers know their voices matter. Happy writing!

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