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11 Best AI Email Writers to Write Email Faster Like the Flash (Free and Premium)

Before you get down to check our very list of best AI email writers, ask yourself a simple question. Can machines write like a human? We reckon, you know the answer. They just can’t, but what they do is turn your writing process swifter, to a certain degree we never have imagined before.

Be it writer’s block, a creative dilemma, or dividing your focus to other crucial aspects and extensive research for an email marketing strategy, AI email writers can be a ‘big hero 6’ type of assistant to put your words together.

So, here we are, coming up with a well-defined list of AI email writers you should look for right now.

11 AI Email Writers to Look for 2024

1. Copy AI

If you are used to ChatGPT, then you are going to find striking similarities while using Copy AI. The interface is quite similar but the latter one comes with more email-centric advantages. Copy AI works within four simple steps.

Put on the types of email you want to write as a project. Provide needful details like facts, and data, with product initials, and additional instructions. The prompt should be specific and elaborative. After that, you can set a tone to make your email copy come with the right emotion. After you’ve generated the copy, it’s possible to edit and polish as much as you want before publishing.


  • Easy writing interface, similar and simple to ChatGPT
  • The machine learning is up to date for gathering relevant information from Google and the overall web database
  • Compatible with Open AI’s latest model
  • Help you nurture email sequence


  • The Pro plan is expensive, and won’t be cost-effective for Team plan either if you have a smaller team.


There is a free plan that offers limited credits and features (2000 words and 200 bonus credits).

Pro plan starts from $36/m. Copy AI offers three other pricing plans for bigger teams and organizational use.

2. Rytr

rytr email writer

Rytr is a complete package of AI writing assistants. It’s one of the most unique tools regarding ease of use and efficiency, claiming to turn your email writing 10x faster. Powered by a state-of-the-art Language AI, Rytr comes with an intuitive AI writing editor and helps you write superb email copy.

It will also help you manage a seamless workflow with the following features –

  • You can store and organize your writing with a simplistic folder feature
  • Quick and easy navigation to track your previous work and merge it with newer projects
  • Team management and easy download of files in docx and HTML formats


  • Rytr claimed to generate 100% unique content to make it plagiarism-free
  • 30+ language support to work with your language and clients
  • 20+ tones of voice to set the right emotion for your email


  • Though a feature-rich tool, lacks the efficiency of human touch. Need more work while you start editing
  • The pricing plan is confusing and may not be suitable for everyone


The saver plan starts from $9/month and the Unlimited plan for 29/month. Initially, you can start with the free plan.

3. Flowrite


If you are looking for an AI email writer to compose such emails to hit the right cord with your target audience, Flowrite is a suitable tool. It is powered by a superb AI language and interface, and enhancement which produces more user-oriented email copies. This tool is specialized for sales and marketing teams.


  • Have different sets of features for both individuals and companies
  • Seamless integrations with platforms like Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, and more
  • Comes with a Gallery of AI content
  • Embedded automated grammar and spelling checker


  • You can’t save an ongoing template, which is a big drawback
  • Only the web version is available, no app version to use on your mobile


No free plan is available. The premium plan (Light) starts from $4/month.

4. Jasper AI

jasper ai copilot for ai email writing

Even before ChatGPT came into play, there was Jasper AI (those online ads in social platforms were ‘pita’ though πŸ˜‰ ). Jokes apart, the tool is useful, even far better than before. It’s a feature-rich AI writing assistant that can help individuals as well as enterprises. For writing content, Jasper is using ChatGPT3. And, one of its finest benefits is this: when you write in Jasper, it will keep your brand voice intact.


  • Simplistic interface to begin with
  • Generate highly readable aka interactive content
  • Supports multiple formats of writing
  • Integrated translation and SEO features to improve your writing for the web


  • Some features are overtly technical which could be also ‘pita’ πŸ˜›
  • If you create a lot of junk content, you will be charged
  • Plagiarism checker costs extra money
  • Sometimes generate inaccurate results, so you gotta be careful about your research


No free plan, though you can go for a free trial. Premium plan starts from $39/month.

5. WriteMail AI

WriteMail AI

WriteMail claims to help you write stress-free emails in an effortless way possible. It’s a free tool which can be the best reason you are gonna love to start using an AI email writer in the first place. The process is so simple. Just start with initials like product details, names, and types of emails. And you will get an AI-generated email in an instant.


  • You can either compose a new email or write a reply with the AI email assistant
  • Email tone customization feature
  • Comes with a set of different language capabilities
  • The AI email assistant helps to edit the ai generated email with suggestions


  • Limited with features as it’s a completely free tool
  • No pre-made AI email template


It’s a free tool. No premium plans are available.

6. Ghostwrite

ghostwrire ai email writing assistant

Ghostwrite is a minimalistic AI email assistant. All you need to require is to provide the write prompt and your desired email will be cooked in seconds. Thus you can easily concentrate more on your marketing, incentives, and conversion funnel. It comes with a powerful automated feature that will generate highly converting emails to fulfill your needs.


  • Good with maintaining a specific brand tone
  • The AI writer can process/compose very communicative emails
  • You can save email templates for reuse in the future
  • Embedded grammar and spelling checker


  • No web or app support. Work only through a Chrome extension


Ghostwrite AI is a completely free tool.

7. Lavender

Lavender ai sales email coach

If you are looking for an ai email assistant to support your sales email, Lavender AI Sales Email Coach is one of the popular solution out there. It is simpler, faster, and perform better regarding a good interactiveness for AI generated emails. It’s not only a email writer, rather is an assistant that can guide and suggest you to compose your sales emails.


  • Help your email stay free from spam using a spam trigger feature that detects spammy words
  • Automated grammar checker
  • Fix tonal issues to make your email highly readable
  • AI coach is capable of providing timely guidance to write sales emails
  • Chrome extension for better web experience


  • Solely focused on sales emails. So, it’s not that good for other aspects of marketing emails, newsletters, or cold outreach


7-day free trial is available. Pro plan starts from a monthly $29.

8. Lyne AI

Lyne AI

You can find a lot of tools that offers a comprehensive package to write every kinds of emails. And, then there are tools like Lavender or Lyne that comes with specific specialization. Unlike those total package, and if you like to stay minimal and diversified, Lyne could be the most remarkable ai email writer for cold email outreach.

Sending cold emails or writing a pitch-perfect one isn’t that easy. It’s time consuming, boring, and have a certain risk to put your sender reputation in danger. So, using a ai cold email assistant can save a lot of your time and effort to think and bring more creativity in the process.


  • Help you write cold-email with perfection and offers the possibility to increase the open rate
  • Have practical use cases that support the claim: it increases email engagement like getting more replies
  • Fast and saves a lot of time
  • Unique and smart email personalization


  • Not accurate all the time. Occasionally generates inaccurate results
  • The user interface may look a bit confusing to beginners
  • While editing, you may have to work a bit on the intro


The starter plan is free. The premium plan is customizable, you can begin with $120

9. SmartWriter AI

SmartWriter AI

SmartWriter is a another automated solution to generate engaging and personalized cold emails with the help of a powerful ai assistant. The main advantage here is ai automation which can be of great help to automate the whole email writing and outreach process in one single place. And, they are claiming to increase your email reply rate 8x faster than usual growth.


  • Collect and analyze prospect’s data and help with better personalization
  • Automating the email outreach process
  • Chrome extension to find verified email and social media data
  • The writing is intuitive and you can set the tone following your needs


  • Sometimes generates a dull email copy which are generic
  • Have some issues with customer service
  • Occasional technical glitches like failing to upload csv file


No free plan except a limited free trial. The premium plan comes with two variation – Popular and Pro. It will cost you from $149/month.

10. Mailr

ai email generator mailr

Mailr is more like an automated email genarator. It works with three simple steps – write down the prompts (golas of the campaign, product details, offers, additional guidance), choose a tone form customed tone library (comes with 10+ different tones), and star generating emails. So simple, don’t you think? It saves a lot of time, and give back more compared to the effort you invest.


  • Zero complexity for user experience
  • Cost-effective


  • Only usable with a Chrome extension
  • Free plan offers a very limited features


You can write uptp 2000 words with the free plan. Premium plan costs only $4.99 a month.

11. Ellie

artfificial email generation with ellie ai

Adaptiveness is a key arsenal for any artificial intelligence. The more it get chance to learn from your writing patterns, the more it should improvise. And, if you are looking for a more adaptive ai email assistant, Ellie is a viable ai email writing tool.

It’s ai language is a booster and learn from each prompt you make, and getting better with each email it composes. Eventually, if not a hundred percent, Ellie can provide the closest composition to your original writing, and within much efforts and time consumption.


  • Language and tonal detection of incoming emails to generate better replies
  • Multilingual support
  • Adapting language model
  • Compatible with GPT-4
  • Advanced AI training and team sharing with the professional plan


  • The free version is very limited
  • Needs time to adapt with your brand tone to produce better results


Premium plan starts from $10/month. Have two more pro plans, and the free plan offers only a 3-reply per day.

What to Take Now

There are a lot of tool out there to choose. We’ve shared the aforemetioned ai email writers based on their features, efficiency, and affordability. We believe it won’t be a hard task now that you have this superb curated list. Start compare the features, your needs, and their pricing to make a better decision. If you need further assistant, don’t hesitate to comments below.

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