Is Email Marketing dead

Email Marketing: Is It Really Dead? What Statistics Say And What Should Be Your Next Move

Is Email Marketing Dead?’, well at the first impression, you might think is it really true. Actually, based on some email marketing concept, it is dead for those who utilize email as only for promotional purposes than personalized emails.

77% ROI comes from segmented, triggered and capitalized email marketing methods – CampaignMonitor

But we all know how fruitful email marketing is and how it’s been emerging in every sector. And also what will be the future outcome of doing email marketing smartly.

Marketers from all fields, especially digital marketers, maximize their business growth leveraging the power of email marketing. And also it’s the only way to nurture & influence customers directly. Hence, they proceed with personalized email marketing strategies more than promotional.

However, throughout this article, we’ll try to clear the myth of whether ‘ ‘Email Marketing Dead or not‘. Also, you’ll be able to know the proper answer through the elaborate discussion step by step.

So enough with the introduction, let’s jump into the discussion.

Does Email Really Matter?

Is Email Marketing Dead or does it really matter

Of course, it does matter. And there is no doubt about it. The reason is, more than 5.5 billion email accounts are being used globally. And it seems to be unstoppable as many people are relying on email due to business communication.

People from all around the globe prefer using email than using social media

Another research from Campaign Monitor revealed that more than 92% of adults use email which is 72% of the entire internet users. So you can imagine that a big portion of internet users is adopting email smartly. Therefore it indicates how important email marketing is and how much it does really matter.

Are you still in a dilemma about its importance of existence? Okay, then the next part is for you. We’ll discuss the top 9 reasons that will surely remove your confusion in regard to email marketing and whether or not being alive.

9 Reasons That Proves Email Marketing Can Never Be Dead

Is email marketing dead
Considering ‘Is Email Marketing Dead or not’

In a simple sense, email marketing is a form of direct marketing approach for a specified, targeted and segmented customer base. That means you can connect with your customers directly in different ways. Such as offering deals, discounts, new blog post-arrival, any relevant updates, news and more.

The power of smartly utilized email marketing strategies is to enhance the relationship with the customers

However, many of the marketers still think email marketing is not a vital part of their digital marketing strategies. But in reality, email marketing nevertheless, is the most effective one to boost up your marketing strategies & ideas.

Anyways, let’s know what are the main reason that justifies ‘Whether email marketing is really dead or not‘. And reasons below pretty much supports the fact that Email marketing is very much alive as it:👇

Improves SEO

SEO Checklist for driving more conversions
Email Marketing Improves SEO

Though email is not directly linked with the search engine optimization (SEO). That means email marketing doesn’t rank any website directly through an email. But it can bring potential customers to your content that leads to improved SEO results.

Therefore, we can say that it works as a medium and helps business growth to an extent and the email marketing tactics work from behind the scene.

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Generates Higher ROI

Email Marketing ROI statistics
Data From Google

The above image suggests that most of the ROI is being generated by email. And according to the research by Entrepreneur, for every $1 spent, email marketing generates $44 in ROI. Because it allows marketers to send more segmented emails based on different circumstances.

Apparently, email marketing knocks Facebook and Twitter in customer procurement by 40 times!

Therefore, it brings more ROI than other online marketing channels. Moreover, it’s highly responsible for quality conversions & engagement. And in many cases, it is also more effective than social networks.

Helps Integrate with Social Platform

Though email is a perfect and effective way to connect with the customers, the statistics portray a different scenario. According to the research, more than 57% of worldwide content sharing activities grow from Facebook, 18% from Twitter and only 4% from email.

This clearly shows that if you can utilize the benefits of social integration with your email marketing plan, surely it will be a major boost for your business growth.

Sends Information & Offer

email marketing strategies

Suppose, you’re running an online business, but suddenly you have to change the policy of your business, you want to offer some discounts or deals. Then how can you notify your users? For instance, you can’t appraise each and every customer telling about the unwanted or upcoming changes manually. Right?

In that case, you can use email to notify your customer about the deal you are offering through emails based on your segmented email list. So email is solely responsible for performing these activities even in any such appropriate circumstances.

Minimizes Cost

email marketing best practices

Usually, if you’re a marketer, definitely you are given a budget to perform any ad campaign, offer or deals. Unlike other marketing procedures, email marketing doesn’t cost much. That means you can fulfill all your tasks utilizing the budget perfectly.

Also, there is a chance to A/B test your email campaign. Therefore you can easily know which one is performing well or not. So we can firmly say that email marketing is the most cost-effective and budget-friendly marketing practice to reach a larger audience base.

Has a Higher Reach

Increase Conversion Rate

Just realize one thing, everyone in this digital world has an email account. Suppose, you want to buy a product from an online store, then you have to fill out the formalities including the email address, right?

In the same way, even for a Facebook, Twitter, or any other accounts, you must need an email account. Having said that according to the research, more than 85% of the Internet users in the USA have email accounts. And everyday 58% of the people check their email daily.

So you can assume how many people are using email every day. And this is enough to realize the fact that email marketing can never be dead not at least for another century.

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Drives More Conversions

As we said earlier, the more you focus on nurturing potential customers, the better it can attract them to click on your link. But in this case, you need to follow some proper rules & regulations if you really want to drive conversions through your email.

However, the average click-through rate of an email campaign is 3% and another survey expresses that more than 4.24% of visitors make a purchase using email. So it can undoubtedly be said that people from every corner of the world are using email for different reasons. But more importantly for purchasing goods online.

Increases Customer Retention

Customer relationship Management

A properly utilized email marketing campaign can not only attract customers but also help retain them. You’ll be surprised to hear that more than 68% of customers never come back when a brand loses its loyal customers. In their opinion, if the company or brand could have done something extra, 80% of these lost customers could have been retained.

So you can not stay relaxed only bringing them on your site rather you have to keep motivating and enticing them through your continuous effort, support and offers. For example, with effective subject lines, proper email typography, focusing on active emails, replacing emails, cross-sells & upsells announcements, discount offers, deals, etc.

Engages Customers with Personalized Email

email marketing checklist to provide personalized email

Personalized emails always create an impact on customers. And only you can do that using email. According to the study, more than 78% of the consumers believe that retail brands are pushing relevant, genuine emails that could encourage them with their shopping decisions.

So email marketing is the only way that you can reach customers with a personalized & engaging email. Thus it makes a strong bonding with customers and results in a higher conversion rate considering you as an expert in the field.

These top reasons show that email marketing can’t die even in the worst of situations. And also these strong shreds of evidence are capable enough to justify your questions to ‘Is email marketing dead?‘.

Is Email Marketing Dead? Follow the Email Marketing Best Practices to Keep It Alive

Well, we’ve discussed some of the important known facts and information about email marketing earlier. If you can look more deeply into the previous section, you can see we’ve talked about email marketing practices many times. So, what does it really mean?

Generally, following the proper email marketing methods and stick on that consistently is called email marketing best practices. And for an email campaign to be successful, you will need to apply and follow the best practices of email marketing.

Okay, so now let’s take a look at some of the best practices of email optimization & marketing technique 👇

  • Send welcome emails
  • Follow proper email typography
  • Focus on personalization
  • Make a plan
  • Adhere to regular branding
  • Optimize your subject lines and preview text
  • Have a “Preview in browser” link
  • Bypass spam at all costs
  • Put CTAs and important information

If you can follow this checklist and practice them during your email campaign, surely your email marketing effort will not get to waste.

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So How Do You Plan to Optimize Your Email Marketing?

Email marketing isn’t dead, but it’s certainly evolving. Naturally, marketers must take the time to follow the latest email marketing trends & tactics in order to remain consistent and accurate.

Decorating each message with personalized content or images, focusing on cultivating relationships, and including popular media like videos and gifs can help a company maintain interesting, attractive, and productive email marketing campaigns.

And in many cases, an effective email marketing tool like weMail can be the answer to that. If you are thinking about optimizing your email marketing campaigns in a cost-effective way then you may want to:

So what do you feel about the current position of email marketing? Do you really think ‘Is Email Marketing Dead’ and it requires more attention? Do let us know in the comments below.

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