Month: October 2023

Email Drip Campaign Examples

7 Best Email Drip Campaign Examples To Inspire Yours

We have sorted some best email drip campaign examples to inspire your email marketing strategy. After you finish reading, you will learn – what is email drip campaign, some intriguing examples, and tips to take your email conversion and retention to new heights.

introducing simplified editor - wemail

Feature Update: Introducing weMail’s New Writing Focused Editor! 🎉

weMail is introducing all new writing focused editor for writing more easily. The feature brings more power and flexibility in email editing experience, and save times.

how to manage email subscriptions

5 Tips to Effectively Manage Email Subscriptions

This blog discusses how to manage your email subscriptions. Also it wil show how to unsubscribe on different email platforms with tips and tools.

suppression list in email marketing

What is a Suppression List in Email Marketing and Best Practices

An email suppression list is a tool used in email marketing to manage and maintain the list of recipients who should not receive certain email communications. This blog will show you what is a suppression list in email marketing, and how to utilize this list at best. Keep reading.

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