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Email Marketing CTA Best Practices: A Guide for Marketers with Advanced Tips

Why do you send emails to your customers or subscribers? Most of the email marketers will answer, they want to inform their readers and sometimes they want to surprise the recipients. But is that all to make your email campaign successful?

Because of an attractive subject line, a reader opens the email and go through it for quality and relevant information. But the success depends on the clients taking action after reading your email. Thus increases your sales and customer engagement very fast.

In this regard, CTA or Call To Action buttons are the best way to accomplish your goals. Email marketing CTA seems easy and it doesn’t take a long time to fit in.

In this article, we have especially focused on Email Marketing CTA for email marketers. We can bet after going through the guideline, you can create more client engagement than before. Let’s get started.

What is an Email Marketing CTA?

What is an Email Marketing CTA?

Basically, it is a short message which pushes web or email users to take a particular action. The action can be like filling out a contact form or buying a product. 

Normally, email marketers attract their readers by captivating images and compelling copy until the end of the email. And, try to bias the reader psychologically to click on a CTA button. However, this CTA buttons most of the time linked with the landing page or any important contact form. 

Why is Email Marketing CTA Essential?

Diplomatic CTAs can assist your visitors throughout the buying route. Also, it directly influences your conversion rates. A perfect CTA draw visitors’ attention, stimulate their interest, and eloquently guide them during the signup process.

Why is Email Marketing CTA Essential?

Not only in email marketing but people also want the CTA button on your website landing page. Web visitors expect a proper guideline to see your features, pricing, or setting information within an exact location. 

Though the CTA benefit is uncountable, we have tried to show you some common yet popular advantages.

  • Transform your buyers to the next stage
  • Show an accurate way 
  • Boost the progress of digital marketing
  • Find out your actual and upcoming buyers
  • Help to take action and make decision
  • Increase sales and grow the audience

However, you should apply secondary CTAs as well. These are also effective and support your main or primary CTA fully. 

What is Secondary CTA?

The CTA which contains a supporting link or act as the alternative action to the primary CTA is renowned as secondary CTA. , Comparing to the primary CTA, secondary CTA is less effective. 

Secondary CTA works when the primary CTA isn’t relevant to the users and they get an option to take action. Actually, it’s the last try to make the email engaging and fortunately, it works. 

What is Secondary CTA?

Suppose, through an email campaign you want to increase your WordPress plugin sales and put a primary CTA with the direction Buy It Now. Here, you have also added a secondary CTA which is saying Subscribe Us for Magical Tips on Marketing.

So, if they don’t like to buy your product there is a chance of getting some potential customers which will help you in the long run. 

Why should Email Marketers Use Secondary CTA?

You can not ignore secondary CTA as it doesn’t bring you sales or money. But the way it collects the relevant subscribers and future customers are truly appreciatable. A true marketer knows how hard it is to engage appropriate visitors or readers. Let’s take a look at why you should apply it in your newsletters. 

It Strengthens Your Primary CTA

It is the first advantage of secondary CTA. The primary CTA gets support from it. If you wish to improve the number of survey forms then don’t distract secondary CTA’s attention from it. Some times they work better than the primary CTA. 

Secondary CTA Switching Your Leads To Conversions

To cross-sell services, email campaigners apply secondary CTA. The power of this CTA proves when you get uncountable new yet interested subscribers unintentionally. CTAs can convert visitors into customers.

Switching Leads To Sales
Source: Engagebay

Shows your Care for the Email Recipient

As we have mentioned before your secondary CTA will support the readers while you are asking to buy your product by pressing the primary CTA. This shows the care for your email receivers. Though the email reader wants to buy the service, you are offering for further help if he/ she requires. 

Brings Diversity in Your Advertisements

If you get clicks on a secondary button that says Follow Us, you can’t imagine how much you will get benefited. In a survey of Hubspot says,  

92% of consumers worldwide, trust recommendations from friends and family more than any form of advertising.

That means Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and all other popular social platforms can help you to diverse more crowd to your content. And, secondary CTAs can make it happen for you. 

Help to Gain Other Organisational Goals

Besides, following you on social media and grabbing sound subscribers there are more goals that you can achieve through secondary CTA. For instance,

  • Feedback surveys
  • Promoting a new event
  • Fundraising
  • Introducing new service or products
  • Cut down the uninterested people by Unsubscribe button 

7 Types of Email Marketing CTA That Develop Your Online Sales

7 Types of Email Marketing CTA That Develop Your Online Sales

There are different types of CTA but each of them has the same purpose but applies with several methods. If you can understand how to use them, your business growth can touch the sky within a short period. 


A form that takes information (Name, email, contact number, and address) from visitors and transforms them into leads.


The lead CTA converts your visitors into valuable buyers. Though everyone will not buy the secondary CTA can serve additional offers to keep the user.

Read More

A read more button also acts as an important CTA. It encourages readers to continue reading to get more information. 


This type of CTA assists visitors to share your content over social media which increases your brand visibility.

Discover the Service or Product 

These CTAs are common on a website landing page. Mainly, they offer web visitors an in-depth inquiry of the product or service the company is providing. And, they are quite popular among web users. 

Event Promoter 

To gather a sound number of participants in an event CTA can play a wonderful game such as – Interested to Join the WP ERP Webinar.

Sale Closer 

The desired and end goal of all business owners is Closing Sales. It is the term where the buyer is one step closer to buy the product.

Here, a CTA urges visitors to complete the business deals soon. Like- Sign Up Here to Make it YoursIf you want to know about this we can write content for you further. So, comment below if you want it. 

9 Email Marketing CTA Tips to Get More Actions

9 Email Marketing CTA Tips to Get More Actions

Well, here we are sharing the bonus tips that can enrich your CTA in email campaigns and improve the sales drastically.

1. Use Action-Oriented Words

The words of your CTA should be actionable and attractive to the readers. Try to avoid texts like Click Here, Enter, or Submit. You can use verbs like, Get, Download, Grab, or Check out. Look at this example below – 

Word you should use in email marketing cta
  • Grab the Offer!
  • Download the Free Version!
  • Check Out the Feature

2. Try to Use “I” Rather Than “You”

A study on CTA buttons shows that “Start My Free Trial” gets 90% more clicks than “Start Your Free Trial”. That means people like texts which personalize them.  

3. Large CTA Works Better

If your CTA buttons don’t seem legible to the email subscriber, it can affect your click rate. Thus, write large texts that describe the purpose of the CTA. Moreover, if it is considered obnoxious for being so long then there is a chance of getting fewer clicks. So, before applying, read the CTA text wisely. 

4. Create Urgency

To get instant response through your email, you have to create urgency in your CTA button. Even the word “NOW” can create great urgency.  

Normally, people hate to miss offers or discounts. So the email marketing CTA text has to express, if the user wants to enjoy the offer he/she has to grab it now. You can add urgency like- Be the Lucky 100 Customers Before 6:00 AM

5. Use Bright Colors

The colors in email marketing CTA matters a lot. The color should be eye-catchy yet not distracting. The experts say, Green and Oranges are more engaging but as we are discussing email marketing CTA, the color should according to your brand.

Men and women favorite color in CTA

You can apply shading color to produce an illusion that reflects the uniqueness of the button and alive. There are GIF CTA buttons and they look so attractive. Their colors and depth change when the mouse hovers over it.

6. Add Much Space Around Your CTA

Adding some extra space around you CTA helps to create a visual break and draws the attention of the readers. This is the most effortless way to stand out your button in the crowd. Moreover, visitors like to click on a specific and clear CTA button.

7. Keep CTA Above the Fold

When you will keep the call-to-action button close to the top of your email, the reader will never miss them out. It strengthens the scanability of your main message that you are spreading through your email marketing.

8. Follow Your Hierarchy

A newsletter may include images or links. Make sure they are not distracting your CTA button. Be strict on your goals and that is getting clicks on your primary CTA button.

Follow Your Hierarchy
Source: Mailchimp

Here, the primary one should biggest and brightest and matching yet smaller button for secondary CTA.

9. Test the Buttons

Last but not least, test your email marketing CTA. Do A/B testing, even a small change can affect your click ratio. Test your copies, colors, and lastly the placement.

You can not be perfect but at least try to make it more customer engaging. And, innovate the button that works best all the time with your brand.

10 Samples of Email Marketing CTAs that Get Clicked 

10 Samples of Email Marketing CTAs that Get Clicked
Source: Adespresso

Below you can check these CTA samples which are proved to be more engaging.

  • Shop now. Get 50% off.
  • Buy now. Pay later.
  • Yes! I want one.
  • Reveal my mystery coupon
  • Read the full story
  • Free gift if you purchase Now
  • Order now. Get it before Christmas.
  • Make me a VIP
  • Give us your feedback
  • Like us on Facebook

Well, according to our expert findings at weMail, we see some CTAs are getting more clicks rather than the other.

Use Email Marketing CTA Carefully

Now we believe you get it quite clearly. Email marketing CTA can play a game-changing role in your sales and ultimately in business development.

Maybe it is a tiny part of your email but if you place it wisely after doing research and test, the final result will be fruitful. On the other side, you can fulfill your goals.

If you have a further query about the CTA button in email marketing feel free to leave your comment below. And, if you are searching for a reliable and cost-effective email marketing tool then give a try on weMail. It one of the most simplified email marketing platforms in WordPress.

Have a great day!

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