Top Social Media Content to Create

Top 13 Social Media Content You Should Create for More Conversion

Social media marketing become phenomenal over the last decade. Popular platforms like Facebook and Twitter turn out to be more business-friendly. They are also affordable than any other digital marketing channel right now.

What works here most? Only clever and strategic social media content. They can easily engage people and converts them gradually. As we have used the word clever, so does that mean social media content only depends on gimmicks or false promises?

Not likely. Similar to any other marketing approach, your enthusiasm towards helping customers can act big time all the way. Therefore, you need to find out and learn which types of social media content should you create for your business.

In this blog, we will show you a handful of such highly converting content types you can apply for your social media conversions.

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Why Should You Spend more time on Social Media Content?

According to Emarsys and GlobalWebIndex, social media has consumed more than 3.5 billion people around the world. On an average, a user spend 3 hours a day on social media.

Yes, the number is so overwhelming, and it’s growing. the marketers of every industry are trying to use it for their benefit. In support of this reality, Buffer find out, 73% of digital marketers believe social media marketing is somewhat effective or very effective.

Traditional billboards, or newspaper ads getting irrelevant every day as more people scrolling through their social media circle and watching online ads. Furthermore, buying something is never been easy because of this very age of flourishing eCommerce. You can directly take a customer to a sales page through social media content.

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However, within all of the possibilities, the main drawback of social media is this: it is oversaturated. Too much competitiveness cut down the percentage of success. But still, businesses who are are thriving from social media marketing always follow a simple way. They continuously publish dynamic social media content and try to keep user engagement at a higher rate.

So, if you want your business to successful, nonetheless you need to create such innovative social media content that converts. Hence, that means you need to focus more and spend much time on social media marketing.

What are the Most Converting Social Media Content-Type?

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Well, people often share photos, personal stories, and social critic as their social media activities. Based on that, social platforms show them highly targeted ads or relevant content. Below, you will find such social media content types that can influence social engines and earn you a higher conversion rate.

1. Written Content

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The first and primary types of social media content can be your written pieces. You should write and create marketing blogs and directly publish them on social channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Linked In.

Besides that, content marketing should be your core marketing arsenal to attract readers and customers. Maybe you already have published product-based and generic blog content, then continuing to do so. Sharing this blog link on social platforms can be a game-changer.

As, you know that, you can’t publish longer written pieces on social channels. People can’t invest much time on longer posts here because there are hordes of contents, images, stories saturated the place. So, you are going to post only such kind of post which are little in wordcount but bigger in impact.

Hence, sharing your published blog links with engaging copies would be great to drive more visitors to your product pages.

2. Images and Visual Stories

People care and react more to images than anything on social media or anywhere. According to BrainRule, people can remember only 10% of the information they listen to, while they can remember almost 65% of the same information if presented in images.


Facebook also emphasizes photos rather than anything. Kissmetrics found that photos on social media get 53% more likes, 104% more comments, and 84% more click-through rates.

So, you should share more images designed with your promotional quotes, statistics, and something important for your subscribers and viewers. Remember just one thing, there are a lot of competitors is trying to do the same thing with photos and visuals. In that case, your images and copies must be unique and attractive to gain the furthest attention.

3. Sharing Other Links with Resources

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Sharing external links is a hell of a tricky social media content type. You can do this to give your social media audience something different. Also, you may have a lack of content on any given day, so you can fill the void with a good content link from other websites.

This could be helpful to your Facebook and Twitter followers. And, they will think you are eager to help them all the way. This is how the trick gonna work. However, you should be very careful in choosing the types of third-party content. Because you don’t want the audience to feel that your content carries lesser quality than the third-part content you shared.

So, while you are going to post a link from another website, make sure you already have and will have way better content for people who love to engage with your social media activities.

4. Videos

HubSpot found that 85% of businesses are using videos as a marketing tool. As social media content, videos have gained unprecedented success regarding conversion and are still doing the same. YouTube video has their way of engaging audiences, but on Facebook, Linked In, and Twitter, videos can be more personally tailored for viewers.

Moreover, the Facebook algorithm is nowadays more biased toward videos. It’s part of their plan to turn this social media platform into another giant video-sharing channel for everyone. So this is the right time to create your product-based informative videos. These will help you to guide and entertain people. Also, they will aid you in building a successful brand.

Well. what should be the duration of such social media video content? Business Insider suggested this: “Facebook will prioritize videos that sustain user engagement for longer. Videos must hold viewers’ attention for at least one minute, and videos that hit this engagement mark and are longer than three minutes will be weighted more heavily within the altered algorithm.” To create and edit such social media video content, you can use a video editing tool.

5. Live Videos

Well, Facebook live is another great way to keep social engagement at a higher rate. You can be on a live video as a brand promoter, as well as an expert in your field. Live videos can bring extraordinary results if you really have authority in your industry.

SocialBakers shared some helpful tips which we think are very aiding to prepare yourself for live videos. The best of those suggestions are –

  • You need to be personal and go on a storytelling mode in a live video.
  • Never go on a live unprepared. Your live video plan should include the steps like – educating the audience, increase engagement, generate leads, and stimulate a call to action (ask them for a subscription or visiting a website, etc).

However, your marketing experts can do the job for your business. Or you can hire an influencer to tell people your story, and about your product. Hence, the best thing would be your voice. Live videos are also a medium to develop an online presence and voice for your products.

6. Infographics

We have already showed you how impactful the images can be. Infographics are a step ahead of marketing photos or a visuals contains a piece of information or quotations. Infographics represents a set of data, a bunch of information that can be so informative at a time attractive.

infographic immigration highered

Rather than writing down stats, numbers, and years, you can turn your data sets into a visual story. This is how an infographic can manifest too many things but take only a few moments of a viewer.

So, you can post infographics like any other popular companies on social media. This will attract readers to give reactions, and provoke them to share your content. Therefore, good infographics sooner or later can be very popular even amongst your competitors.

7. Customer Reviews and Testimonials

A one-star increase in Yelp rating leads to a 5-9% increase in revenue.

Harvard Business Review

Word-of-mouth work like magic in case of purchasing. Customers put too much importance on what other consumers are saying. You can see it on most of the website, in weMail, we are also showing testimonials and customer reviews. It is a good way to earn the trust of new users.

Well, what you need to do is sharing the reviews on social media. This type of sharing will increase your chances of conversions. Furthermore, you can check this blog on how to use product reviews to increase sales. We believe it wouldn’t be a hard task to create beautiful templates with the testimonials you get and post them on your social channels.

8. Hosting Online Shows

Hosting online shows on social media can give you two improvements. One, it will educate and entertain your user in a more structural way. Two, gradually it will bring you more conversions.

For example, it’s been a year now weDevs is hosting weDevs show on Facebook Live. This show focus on the inner journey of professionals who work behind the company’s successful products.

So, if you can hosted this types of online show, surely it will increase your brand value.

9. Throwing Quiz Contest

Quiz or social media contest can draw a huge amount of attention. Depending on what types of contest you are arranging, people can willingly participate and share, and create buzz around your social channels.

Social Media Strategist Neal Schaffer pointed out some cool benefits of social media quiz or contest. Take a look at them –

  • It helps you build a community surrounding your service.
  • People will follow your channel because they believe contests will incentivize them.
  • Create a sense of awareness.
  • Increase subscribers, engagement, and sales.

For example, look at this quiz Red Lobster threw to their Facebook audience.

quiz-contest for social media content type

People take this as a fun, and rejoice with the restaurant by putting their comments and sharing.

10. Run Social Media Campaign

Running social media campaign brings fruitful results. But the success depends on your representation of the content. Social media advertising is on the high in recent times. Only in 2019, businesses all over the world spent more than $89 billion on social media advertisement.

But despite of traditional ads, you can be strategic and creative which may also save you from spend more money. Just like Moz’s White Board Friday.

In this popular show, a Moz expert teaches about SEO and related topics. Which works fine as their gradual social media campaign and convert people for their SEO products.

11. Posting Announcement On Social Media

halloween social media post

Making a product or offer announcements increase awareness. Even if you want to update a part of your service, you can let people know. These types of social media content always work. Email automation platform MailChimp frequently do this thing.

They posted this update on the election day as they remain closed for that occasion in the US. So, it is a good thing if you bring good news and a feel of caring for your social media announcement.

12. Image and Video Stories

Facebook Stories are bite-sized pieces of content that establish connections with your company.


Since Facebook launched STORIES in 2017, it becomes the second newsfeed for it’s gigantic 2.23 billion active monthly users. Right now, more than 150 million people use Facebook Stories every day to share their daily activities and watch one another. The same thing you can say for Instagram.

No doubt, your content in stories get more reach than the post from your wall. However, people can watch your stories only for 24 hours. Hence, that would be enough to throw a simple converting photo or statistics, videos, and even advertisement copy. One of the good things about this content is, you can easily track the results from your archive.

13. Feature Your User on Social Media Post

This is a winning social media content types. Sometimes it is important to show your audience that you not only care for them, you want to rejoice and celebrate their achievement and happy moments.

85% of the user are found to be more influenced by the UGC than the content made by the brands directly.


One of its strongholds is, people always feel happy when their social media post being shared. Therefore, when you share their photos or achievements on your brand page, they will willingly share those posts and create chances of more engagement and sales.

User-generated social media content is a proven technique to make your brand stronger. To get this right, take a look at the example below.

Apple often do this, sharing photos taken by iPhone users on Apple’s brand social channel. The results been always overwhelming.

Final Thoughts on Social Media Content Types

Social media is an ever-changing space for almost every types of people. So, you can’t rely on the same marketing content type for long. Therefore, you need to invent newest ways of engage audience following the trend, and by recreating the trend. Your goal would become a trendsetting brand someday, that’s a thing you must keep in mind.

However, we believe the social media content types we’ve shown in this blog will be helpful enough to revamp your Facebook or Instagram conversions. The success is yours if you can hit the right spots.

So, now tell us, which social media content seems more winning for your brand?

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