ultimate guide to b2b email marketing (b2b email marketing best practices)

Top 9 B2B Email Marketing Best Practices to Boost Your Sales

Do you get confused between B2C and B2B email marketing? Well, when a business wants to get the attention of their potential or regular customers through emails we called it B2C email marketing. 

So, the definition of B2B email marketing is, when a business uses email marketing to send email campaigns to professionals or businesses rather than individual buyers or users.

The problem is most of the business overlook the effectiveness of email marketing. And, they put both B2C and B2B email marketing under the same umbrella. 

In this article, we will show you –

B2B Email Marketing Best Practices for Business Owners

Although you’ll come across a variety of email marketing tricks, these easy yet effective best practices for email marketing are a good way to get a headstart!

1. Ensure The Subject Line Summarize Email Context 

It’s common yet essential for both B2B and B2C email campaigns. Just go through your inbox and notice why you have opened some emails whether the number of unopen emails is huge. Yes, the subject line matters. And, you can not compromise with it. 

The best length of a Subject line is between 30-80 characters. It should build curiosity and trigger the receiver’s benefits. 

Here is a steady example for you from the Dokan email archive.

Ensure The Subject Line Summarize the email context

2. Your Email Must be Informative and Profit-Based

This point makes the difference between B2B and B2C. When you are planning for a B2B email campaign, it must be informational and show a clear view of profit. 

Most of the time email marketers want to convince a subscriber to a customer with emotional attachment. And that’s what a B2C email must contain. On the other hand, a B2B email should be focused on statistics, real information, and instant advantages like the email example below. 

Your Email Must be Informative and Profit-Based

3. Find Out What Resonates With Your Subscribers With A/B Testing

One of the email personalization best practices is A/B testing. A/B testing will help you understand and identify the particular variations that will give the desired results, and ultimately you can use it to create an effective email campaign. 

do a/b test for b2b email marketing

Through this essential test, you will find out what your subscribers are looking for; in short, it will increase the effectiveness of the emails you want to send. Surprisingly the overall bounce rate will be reduced. And, it’s both cost and time-effective. 

4. Maintain Consistency When It Comes To Both Time And Volumes Of Email Sent

You can send emails at any time of the day, but will your subscriber get it at the right time to open and read it? If a significant number of your audience do not click on your mail, it will hurt your bounce rate. 

According to Marketo, “the best time to send an email is during the working days. To yield a high open and click-through rate, make sure to schedule the sending time to 8 am.”

“5 pm has the highest click-through rates, and 4 pm fetched a high order rate. For a high open-rate, set the time to 10 am.”

Sendinblue’s research shows that the 9 to 10 am range and 2 pm is the best time to send the email. However, your business niche will decide the optimal time as this time can vary from one industry to another. 

If your IP is not used to you sending a high email volume, there may be a risk of being labeled as a spammer. One solution is to build up the number with time if you want to send to a lot of customers. 

5. Using CTA Button in Your Email Newsletter

Using CTA Button in Your Email Newsletter

Diplomatic CTAs can directly influence your conversion rates. In B2B email marketing, it’s necessary to place at least one CTA button in the newsletter. 

Everyone already knows the effectiveness of CTAs. Here, we would like to show you some mind-blowing data about this hidden weapon. 

  • Around 90% of email receivers who read your subject line also notice your CTA button.
  • Only attaching a single CTA increases sales 1617% and clicks 371%
  • Anchor text CTAs increase conversion rates by 121%- HubSpot.
  • Adding CTAs to your Facebook page can boost the click-through rate by 285%

Between 47% and 93% of a post’s leads come only from anchor text CTAs. And 83%-93% of each post’s leads come from anchor text and internal link CTAs.

Sources: HubSpot, Copyblogger, Unbounce, WordStream, AdRoll, QuickSprout, etc.

Check out this blog for CTA email marketing best practices. Here is a list of effective CTA text-

effective CTA texts

6. Make a Clean Email List

Not every subscriber will engage with your emails. The possible drawback? It will end up hurting your deliverability and increase the bounce rate. So, what should you do? 

Make a Clean Email List

The first step would be to get rid of invalid emails. Make a list of the email addresses that are no more on the server. Removing such addresses will significantly enhance your sender’s reputation. A sender reputation is a score assigned by an Internet Service Provider to the institution sending the email. Plus, don’t forget the soft bounces and unengaged audiences! 

You can keep such email IDs for some time to see if they start to engage with your emails. If not, then it’s best to remove it. 

7. Integrate Social Media With Email Marketing

Social media is the hottest thing now! Here you can access a lot of people and reach out to them. This is why you should make sure to include social media in your email marketing strategy. 

One way is to add the social media buttons at the bottom of the email so that your subscriber can find them easily. You can upload the list of your subscribers on social media platforms such as Facebook. 

Integrate Social Media With Email Marketing

After that, invite your brand followers on social media to subscribe to the brand’s email list to find out about better deals and discounts. 

8. Include ALT Text To Both Buttons And Images

You may add images and other graphics to make your email appear engaging. However, there’s a chance of it not being displayed if HTML isn’t rendered appropriately. Or it can be because of the default settings by the email client to block any images.

With ALT text, the reader can read what the image depicts even if they can’t see the image. Another thing to do is to hyperlink them to the landing pages for better results.

9. Automatic Email Sending to Not Miss a Single Chance 

Automatic Email Sending to Not Miss a Single Chance 

A drip campaign is one sort of automated mail that you should consider using for your business. The drip campaign will allow you to connect with your contacts at the appropriate time. 

When you set it up, it acts as autopilot, and in return, this saves you a lot of time. Also, it offers an open rate of around 80 percent, which is more than the single sends. 

Not only that but, the average click-through rates are considerably higher also the email deliverability will increase. Furthermore, a drip campaign will help to improve engagement and promote relevant content.

B2B Email Marketing Common Mistakes

B2B Email Marketing Common Mistakes

Well, we’ve seen B2B email marketing practices and some of the strategies you can implement. Here are some mistakes that businesses make, and how you can avoid them. 

Do Not Make It All About You

Clients don’t like any over-the-top approach from businesses. The aspect you need to focus on is building a good relationship with your customers. 

In this case, you need an effective content marketing strategy, which is one way you can blend in advertising your product for email marketing. 

Excluding Call-To-Action (CTA) From Your Emails

Just sending a few blocks of texts to your audience isn’t sufficient if there aren’t enough CTAs. Without the necessary CTAs, your email is of no use. 

When creating the email content, you need to decide what you want your customers to do. The subsequent actions should be short enough to complete in a few clicks. However, another mistake is to overstuff the email with CTAs. 

Writing Non-Engaging Subject Lines

importance of subject line

Your subscriber probably gets a lot of promotional emails. If your subject line isn’t engaging enough or sounds boring, your audience will not be interested in clicking it to open and read it. It’s already tough to get someone to open a promotional email. 

One research carried out by Mailchimp shows that the average rate of opening an email across all industries is about 20.81%. It’s a best practice to write a short, engaging, and concise subject line that’ll spark the subscriber’s interest to click your mail. 

Don’t Neglect The Analytics

Analytics is a crucial part of one of the b2b email marketing best practices. Without analytics, you’ll be confused when it comes to knowing whether the strategy is effective or ineffective. 

A good marketing tool will offer you the best analytics tools. There are some email marketing analytic services that provide detailed monitoring by integrating with Google Analytics. 

Some important things to check are click-through rates, open rates, how many subscribers you are gaining and losing. Another one of the email personalization best practices is to collect data. 

Not Replying the Return Emails

You have got a lot of emails after implementing for a campaign, but you fail to answer them on time. This situation is worse than the low opening rate. Never forget to respond to your receivers because who has replied to your email is someone fully interested in your business. Welcome them and never miss to engage with them personally. 

Emailing Too Frequently

It’s fine if you don’t get enough interaction from your email campaigns. In this frustrative situation, people do a common mistake- sending emails to the same address regularly.

requesnt email can send you to spam box

Wait, my friend, do you know this habit can lead you to stay in the spam box forever?

Frequently Asked Questions about B2B Email Marketing

Question 1: How do You Email B2B Marketing?

Answer: For implementing a powerful B2B email marketing campaign you must focus on positioning your brand as a thought-leader in your industry. Your email content should present information and an understandable approach to your receiver’s pain points.

Question 2: What is a B2B Marketing example?

Answer: Business-to-business marketing is necessitated when a company’s output is needed for another organization to develop its services. Examples: An industrial Vacuum manufacturer is attempting to do business and trade their goods to Hotel Managers.

Question 3: How long should B2B marketing emails be?

Answer: The standard email copy length is 50-125 words. You may need more words to elaborate on the whole thing. But statistics say, 50 to 125 words emails have 50% open response.

Question 4: What are some types of marketing emails?

Answer: There are various types of such emails. Some of these are email newsletters, acquisition emails, retention emails, and promotional emails. 

Question 5: What is an Email Marketing Strategy?

Answer: It is a set of processes that a marketer identifies. The marketer will then implement the appropriate strategies, such as b2b email marketing tips to get the desired email marketing goals. 

Question 6: What are some strengths and weaknesses of email marketing?

Answer: Some strengths of email marketing are that it’s easy to define success and it offers a high ROI compared to others. On the other hand, two of its weaknesses are that it requires a lot of attention and bandwidth and it’s hard to guarantee the delivery of the email design. 

Question 7: Why is Email Marketing considered the best?

Answer: With the help of email marketing, you can easily reach out to a wider audience. Also, as it is cost-effective, your business gets to save money as well. Compared to traditional marketing, email marketing offers better advantages. 

Summarizing B2B Email Marketing

It’s crucial to understand and implement the b2b email marketing best practices if you are looking forward to a high ROI.

Email marketing helps a business to reach out to a wide range of customers. And this is not only from the local area but from all around the globe. You can easily share information and propose the best offers and discounts to your customers through email. 

Although there are many other best practices for email marketing strategies, the ones mentioned here will help you get on track!


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