How to Find Emails For Email Marketing

How to Find Email Addresses For Your Email Marketing

Before running a successful email marketing campaign, you need to create an email list of active leads. And, these leads should be interested in your niche.

But do you know how to find email addresses in the right way? It’s a way bit trickier. Only if you follow a careful method, the job would be simple and effective. Unless you find the proper email addresses of your target users, you can not increase your email open rate.

To help you out, we will show you some of the smart tips & tricks of finding anyone’s email address without facing any trouble. If you follow the below strategies, you able to reach the goal.

Well, let’s get started.

Why It’s Important to Find The Right Email Address

Find The Right Email Address

According to DataProt, 45% of all emails are spam.

As a professional, you don’t just send emails to anyone for general purposes. But you always have a motive in your mind while sending professional or business emails. It can be for brand awareness, new product launching, special deals, link building, and more.

Only 8.5% of all outreach emails receive a response.


Well, you can see how it’s difficult to get a response. Even you are getting hundreds of emails every day. How many of them being lucky to get opened? A few of them we guess? You only open those emails which are addressing a problem and solution. You open an email that concerns you.

So, while you are building your email list, you must keep that in mind –

  • If you are selling mangoes, find the people who love mangoes.
  • If you are a fashion brand, don’t send emails to a tech geek unless he is interested.

That’s how things work in email marketing. Your research should include finding out interested niche people. Individuals who can willingly invest in your services.

6 Proven Way to Find Someone Email Address

How to Find Email

Finding other people’s email addresses is not a simple task. You should follow some strategies to find to get them. Here, we present some proven techniques so that you able to collect anyone’s email id.

Let’s find the number one tips.

1. Guess Someone’s Email Address

Before you check the other tactics first, guess someone’s email IDs. If you know the first, last, and domain name of your target person, you can easily guess the email IDs.

According to Hunter, 49.9% of the companies use the “{first}” email pattern.

After collecting the guessed email IDs, you can verify these addresses through Gmail. Just you put the email addresses into Gmail and hover over the individual IDs to verify them. You can see the picture where we verify emails.

Email check through gmail

2. Try Email Finder Tool

There are tons of email tools available on the web. You can also use the email checker tools to check your desired email. We use ‘Snovio’ chrome extension’ one of the best email finder tools.

You need to login to the ‘Snovio’ website, then visit the destination website where you want to collect your email and click on the ‘Snovio’ chrome extension’. After a while, it shows the email address that the website has.

Snovio email finder tools

3. Use Twitter’s Advanced Search

In many cases, people Tweet their email addresses in the Twitter post. If you carefully search Twitter for the email address, you can find it. To do this, you have to visit the Twitter advanced search. After that type ’email’ into the words field.

Use Twitter’s Advanced Search

Then type the Twitter handle of your target person in the ‘accounts’ field.

Use Twitter handle

Then click on the search button to find the email IDs. Here we want to collect the BBC Travel email address through Twitter advanced search.

Twitter advanced search

4. Search Email Addresses on Social Media Platforms

search email address in social media

Social media is a great platform to find an email address that needs to collect. Here we show some tips on how to find email using social media.


Facebook is one of the popular social media that most of the people like to use for sharing their personal & professional information. To find the email from Facebook, you need to go to the ‘about page’ and ‘contact info’ page. In most cases, people put their email addresses in there.


You can also apply the same strategy for Linkedin. Just visit the ‘about’ page of your target users and find the correct email ID.


Here we see an email address of NeilPatel on Linkedin.


Like the above social platform, you can use Twitter to collect your email IDs. You also find the correct email in the profile section or use the advanced search like above.

5. Look For Email Address on a Company Website

There are some common web pages where you can find your desired email addresses. In the below section, we talk about them one by one.

Contact Page

Most of the websites put their email address or contact info on their contact page. You can easily visit the ‘contact” page and collect the proper email IDs.

Find email using contact page

About Us Page

Every website has an “about” page. On the ‘about’ page, you will find all the necessary information on the website, including email IDs. Next time when you visit a website, check the about page to find the destination email.

Visit Author Page

You often need to contact with the author email of the post or website. You can easily collect the author email address by going to the individual ‘author’ page.

6. Ask For Email Address Using Contact Form

It’s another way to find the right email addresses. In each of the website has a contact page to contact the website owner. Here you need to send a message asking for their email address so that you can contact them. If they need, they will contact you through their email.

Bonus: Generate Email Address From Your Website

weMail Email marketing tool

We also like to share some tips & tricks that help you to generate email addresses for email marketing using your website. Take a look –

1. Offer Freebies

Most of the website users like to get helpful resources for free. It can be an e-book, products, template, tutorial video, courses, etc. Offering freebies are an effective way to attract more potential customers.

If you provide free useful resources to the users, you will be able to collect emails from your users. While using or downloading the freebies, you have you ask their email id to get these valuable resources.

2. Promote Your Newsletter Subscription Across The Entire Website

Promote Your Newsletter Subscription Across The Entire Website

You need to have a registration form on your entire website so that your visitor can easily subscribe. You can collect more email addresses through your website’s newsletter signup form when a visitor comes to your site for the first time.

Make sure your users can sign up on your website without facing any problems. You should also focus on the subscription process and make it simple and easy to use.

3. Subscribe to Your Target’s Mailing List

Subscribe to your target’s users’ website or mailing list is another proven way to generate email IDs. When you subscribe to their newsletter, they will send a confirmation email. Here’s the deal with this confirmation email you and collect your desired email address.

4. Run a Contest to Collect New Subscribers

Contests are one of the smart techniques that increase excitement and attraction to the new subscribers. Plus, it’s a way to generate tons of emails in a short time period.

Make sure to give them a valuable prize that they need most. And also set a short time of the contest so that they won’t assume plenty of time to signup.

5. Use Pop-up Windows

A pop-up form is a simple and smart way to collect email form your users. You may notice that a pop-up form suddenly opens when you visit someone’s website. Like that, you implement this technique on your website. But while using the popup windows, you have to focus on users’ satisfaction.

Use Pop-up Windows

You cannot interrupt users by displaying your popup form. You configure the display time of your pop-up forms whenever a user has spent a certain time on the website.

Additionally, you display the form when users perform specific actions such as scoring from one section to another, the mouse shows the exit intent towards the X button or displays when users reach the bottom of the page.

Final Thoughts on How to Find Email

How to Find Email

Most business organizations use email marketing automation to promote their business today. Eventually, the competition is being stiff day by day. In fact, in the case of collecting the correct email address, the jobs been more sophisticated.

To solve this problem, you can follow the above techniques and learn how to find emails the right way. If you try each of the strategies, you can generate tons of emails that will help in your future email marketing.

If you have any queries about this blog, you can let us know in the comments section. And also share some other tips for collecting email IDs. Cheers!

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