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7 Proven Email Marketing Tips to Increase Your Sales

To connect, educate, and build a robust connection with customers, email marketing is still the most powerful way. Your digital marketing approaches may end up in disappointment without the support of well-executed email campaigns.

So it’s your core responsibility to reshape ideas and improve skills for getting a better outcome. Hence, if you are looking for some proven email marketing tips that can easily help you to get the job done, you should keep reading this blog.

Here, we will show you how to bring innovations & upgrade your email marketing methods before you click on the ‘Send Email‘ button.

Well, let’s get into it. 😊

How Email Marketing Helps To Grow Your business

email marketing tips

Your business growth & success is a compiled combination of your all marketing ideas & efforts. That means you can’t stay relax only applying one or two methods and thinking that your job is done. In fact, you need to A/B test your ideas to ensure which process is working best for you or not.

In the case of email marketing, many marketers still have a misconception that email marketing can’t grow business or increase sales. Therefore, they underestimate to prioritize it.

But the true fact is, email marketing is still the best & most electrifying digital marketing channels that can perform under any situation. And also it can assist you to nurture & influence customers spontaneously.

81% of SMBs use email marketing as their primary customer acquisition channels, and 80& of them go for it to get more retention.


However, for your convenience, let’s see how email marketing helps to grow business by the following points.

  • Builds trustworthiness as a business
  • Establishes relationships
  • Enhances communication
  • Builds your brand
  • Personalizes emails that make your marketing stand out
  • Boosts sales
  • Helps to get started quickly
  • Reach people on any device
  • Efficient with your time and budget.
  • And more…

Well, let’s get on with the hacks you should follow and apply to turn all these benefits of email marketing into your court.

Best Email Marketing Tips To Gear Up Your Sales

We believe that the following strategies will help you in creating and sending emails that not only look great but also get opened, read, and take action by subscribers. All of them are proven.

Have a quick look at them in the firs place-

01. Review & Proofread Your Content Before Sending

Email Marketing Tips

Proofreading ensures that the email is fully free of typos and refined to a high standard

iPleaders Blog

The first and foremost task is to proofread your email content again and again until it meets the standard email structure.

However, after you write an email copy, you may overlook the minor mistakes initially. But proofreading lets you find the mistakes & errors in your email copy. It will be helpful to create a well-structured email for your audiences.

Anyways, many email marketers do the mistake of thinking that ‘editing and proofreading‘ processes are the same. But there is a little variation between ‘edit & proofread‘.

For example, editing is a process to review and check the content, while proofreading is the final stage of editing that check-up the following –

  • Grammatical, capitalization, numbering errors
  • Punctuation mistakes
  • Spelling errors in the content
  • Inconsistency in the format of the document
  • Misplaced words, sentence structure error and wording errors, etc.

These are the benefits that you’ll get if you can professionally proofread your email content before sending it to your audience. So make sure that you’ve proofread your content carefully and find the above mistakes accordingly to improve your email write up.

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02. Use a Tracking Tool & Create Your Buyer Persona

Email marketing tips

A buyer persona is a research-based profile that can describe your customers with more insightful stories


Knowing customer’s insight is an integral part of online marketing strategies, especially for email marketing purposes. Yes, in order to become a master in email marketing, creating a structural buyer persona can bring the best result for you in a quick time.

That means if you really want your customers to fall in love with your email newsletter & persuade them to open your email, then you must consider drawing a precise customer persona.

In this regard, HubSpot expressed that:

In an email campaign, well-utilized buyer personas can improve open rate by 2x and click-through-rate by 5x. Also, it can make a website 2-5 times more effective & easier to reach targeted audiences

However, you can different ways to create a buyer persona. For instance, you can follow the basic points below:

  • Make deep research on your audience
  • Figure out customer pain points
  • Know customer goals
  • Realize ‘how I can help my customers’
  • Utilize your research into buyer personas
  • And finally, segment your customers

These are the basic steps that will help you to build a customer persona for your email campaign. For instance, let’s have look at the example of a customer persona by Munro American.

So try to know everything you can about your audience. From their weekend hobbies, to work problems, the more precise information you know the more sustainable your campaigns can be.

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03. Modify Your Email Segmentation

how to segment email list

Having a segmented list will allow you to analyze your customer base by previous interests or purchases, location, industry, and more

Mill agency

Competitions are high in email marketing. It seems to be unstoppable and will grow rapidly in the near future. If you don’t take the initiative to update your email marketing procedures & plans, surely your competitor will.

And this is where you should work on your email segmentation to make sure your email lists are properly updated & modified. Thus it can make your email marketing campaign better and leads to a profitable business.

In this case, Derek Halpern, Founder of Social Triggers, also said –

If you’re not giving time to bring new updates on your email list, you’re making a HUGE mistake

There are many ways that you can follow to create a segmented email list. Either you can choose an email marketing solution, or you can research it and do the email segmentation process by yourself. And then your next step is to update your email segmentation list with more explicit information. For example, the customer’s gender, location, age, occupation, and more.

Thus, it will become easier for you to sort out valuable customers from your segmented email list. And finally, you can share more realistic & relevant stories with your audience to make them special & satisfied.

However, let’s have a look at the email from Flight Centre below, as an example.

What did they do is, they send an email to a small segment of subscribers who are interested in Caribbean vacations. As you can see, it clearly shows that the header link suggests air & hotel options. And the CTA shows more deals are waiting for you.

example of email segmented emails

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04. Use Catchy Subject Lines that Persuade Customers

email segmentation

Actually, almost every email marketer knows that using a catchy subject line can easily grab the customer’s attention. But most of the time marketers forget to repeat that momentum with the same quality.

Due to the urgency of creating a campaign and completing other tasks, they don’t take a closer look at their email subject lines before they send it to their subscribers.

So what happens is this – the emails they send to their subscribers, unable to produce value to their subscribers. Eventually, they mark the email as spam or don’t open it. Thus your all effort becomes worthless and unsatisfying.

Using a clear, readable, and powerful email subject lines can easily express what your email is all about & what your subscriber can expect from it.

A subject line with between 41 & 50 characters are more powerful & effective

Campaign Monitor

As it appears first before the main email body, you should give your proper time to write an engaging subject line & make it worthy to them. Because who knows, your one effective subject line can change the entire game.

05. Use a Label while Sending Emails

This tricks is important since subscribers need to concern about where the email is coming from. For instance, the label will ensure who will be engaging with the subscriber.

So what actually an email label can do is, it’s a tag that adds with an email you send or receive. As you’re sending emails to your audiences, you can add a label to your email. As a result, your audience will guess, from where they’re receiving your emails.

For example, if you are using MyNewsletter as a label, your subscribers will apprehend it’s an email from MyNewsletter.

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06. Send Personalized Emails Based on Subscriber’s Actions

Personalized Emails
Personalized Emails

To send a personalized email, the first and foremost thing is to know your subscriber’s behavior.

Some of the considerations you need to understand here. Try to find the answers to these questions in the first place –

  • What have they purchased in the past?
  • How frequently are they buying?
  • What was the last activity of your subscribers?
  • Are they searching for any specific products or not?

This information will guide you to analyze what are your subscribers and potential customers doing. Also, it will help you to develop skills to win the customer’s heart by sending more personalized & precise emails with full relevancy.

So let’s check out how could you apply personalized email marketing tips on your campaign by the following points.

  • Sending Product Recommendations
  • Offer VIP Deals & discounts
  • Send emails for Abandoned carts, etc.

07. Send Product Recommendations

The customers always like to get recommendations. Actually, who doesn’t? We almost love it if we were a customer of any brand. So sending recommendations is also a part of a personalized email.

Personalize recommendation can drive an astounding 24% of orders and 26% of revenue.


For instance, you can suggest products to your customers analyzing their past purchasing activities. In this way, you create a reliable bond with your customers sending suggestions according to their taste & lifestyle.

However, look at this eBay example.

What did they do is, based on their customer’s persona, and other activities, the following email was sent to their customers.

08. Offer VIP Deals & Discounts

Offers always make customers happy and give them a reason to feel special. We all know that the current situation is not going right due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The situation is getting worse day by day.

So this is the right time to help customers giving them different opportunities and chances to prove that you’re taking care of your customers. For example, provide discounts, deals, offers, giveaways. So they can fight with the current Covid_19 situation.

Here is an example of weDevs.

They sent this email to their customers giving 10% discounts on the purchase. This way you can easily make customers happy & maintain personalized email marketing.

09. Try To Use the CTA Button Wisely

You’re in the very last stage of this professional guide of email marketing tips. Apart from the other strategies, using a CTA button in the email copy is a crucial part of your process that you need to consider carefully.

Without adding relevant CTAs (Call to Action), you can neither increase the click-through nor can activate your sales funnel properly.


Regardless of what you’re writing like an email copy, blogs, newsletters, social copies, or anything that directly interacts with the audience, you must include a CTA button that leads the audience to make an action.

According to the research by Unbounce, 90% of visitors who read your headline also read your CTA copy. And emails with a single call-to-action increased clicks to 371% & sales to 1617%.

However, for your convenience, let’s check out the examples of some engaging CTA buttons below and understand how it should be implemented in the right way.

They need to be clear and verbally commanding.

The above buttons are clear and powerfully guiding your audience to perform an immediate action. Besides this directness and commanding approach, you should also build scarcity.

However, a graph or arrow in your CTA can affect your email click-through rate for sure.

Well, here are some more effective CTA tips you may follow.

  • Include relevant images with your CTAs
  • Try to create vibe & curiosity
  • Avoid conflict words in CTAs
  • Use email typography in the CTAs buttons wisely
  • Keep short your CTA button as much as you can
  • Try to use email color perfectly

The main thing is that you need to be creative, do your A/B testing and research before putting a CTA button in your emails.

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How Top Brands Are Practicing the Smart Email Marketing Tips

Email marketing best practices
Best email marketing tips practiced by the top brands

We receive more than 269 billion emails per day and also expected to grow to almost 320 billion daily emails in 2021.


Most of the time we receive an email & mark them all as unread without reading, or unsubscribing altogether. But some top brands are applying the tips we’ve shown you above, and people can’t help opening their emails.

So we feel that you need to know some of the remarkable use cases. Hence, it will be easier for you to grasp and draw your email marketing plans for success.

The Way Zurb Connects with Their Customers

Zurb is a product design company situated in Silicon Valley. Their core intention is to educate their users, deliver valuable information, and provide content that contains design-related tips.

If you sign up for their newsletter, you’ll receive an automated welcome email. This practice helps them to increase their email open rate by up to 70-75% and click-through rates up to 40-45%.

So what we have Learned form Zurb’s strategy?

  • Automation in email marketing is important if you can execute it properly
  • Make your subscribers happy by providing valuable content as fast as you can

Giving Value To The Subscribers by Search Engine Journal

You must associate with the Search engine journal if you’re a digital marketer. The main responsibility of the Search engine journal, in short SEJ, is to provide different tricks & tips about SEO, digital marketing, and more.

However, the image below clearly tells the story of how dedicating they are to assist users in analyzing their website through a webinar.

Brooks Sports Branded Desiree Linden

In 2018, Desiree Linden won the Boston Marathon. And she became the first American woman who won the race in the last 30 years. Brook Sports was her shoe & apparel sponsor, and they celebrated her glory along with their followers. Also, they ran their whole campaign throughout the Olympics at that time.

Email marketing best practices
Image Source

Evidently, this type of email campaign directly impacts the customer’s feelings. As a result, it helps companies to express their dedication towards their patrons.

Therefore, the blue CTA button at the bottom of the email body, ‘See Desiree’s go-to gear‘ can easily persuade customers to click the link and watch the legend’s journey so far.

Final Thoughts on Email Marketing Tips

Well, email marketing remains an impeccable marketing platform that has been changing courses through times. In short, it’s still alive & thriving. Since the advent of email marketing, the scenario of traditional marketing has totally shifted to a new direction.

From small to large businesses, everyone is now applying the latest email marketing methods to go with the most advanced marketing drills.

So now identify your weakness & match your strategies with the above tips that we talked through this guide. And finally, implement the changes to your email marketing campaigns to become a success.😊

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