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Types of Campaigns

When you’re ready to create your first campaign with weMail, you need to choose a specific campaign type.

weMail basically offers two types of campaigns.

  1. Standard Campaign (for manual email sending)
  2. Automatic Campaign (for time-wise email sending)

Check the screenshot below.

Campaign types

How Does Standard Campaign Work

If you choose Standard for your campaign type, you will be able to send an email manually to your users. You can list out the authentic subscribers and send them campaign emails one by one.

Standard Type
Standard Campaign

How Does Automatic Campaign Work

If you choose Automatic as your campaign type, an email will be sent automatically to the user whenever he or she subscribes.

You can choose to send the email, when someone subscribes to the list or when a subscriber gets added to the segment.

There are options to send the email immediately, hours(s) after, day(s) after, week(s), etc.

Automatic Type
Automatic Campaign

That’s it!

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