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With the weMail Stripe Integration, you can easily sync all of your Stripe order’s emails to your email list.

Let’s follow the process below and learn how easily you can setup weMail Stripe Integration.

Setting Up Stripe in weMail

Navigate to the weMail dashboard –> Lists –>Select a list where you want to sync your emails from Stripe orders.

You can create a new list, or select an existing list like we are showing you below.

select and existing list

Now, click on the option button. Then select the settings option from the dropdown menu.

go to option and setting

Now, enable the Stripe Webhook option to activate stripe payment gateway. Click on Save changes to finish.

toggle the stripe in wemail

After you activate Stripe, you will see that a webhook is generated.

Copy the webhook. You will need the webhook when you configure your stripe account with weMail.

stripe activation

Adding Webhook to Stripe Account

Now, go to your Stripe Account dashboard . Navigate to Developers–> Webhooks.Click on the Add endpoint button.

adding endpoint webhook

After you click the Add endpoint button, a popup will show up.

Paste the webhook you’ve copied earlier in “Add a webhook endpoint” box

Now, you need to select an event.

Here, we have selected order.created. Because you mainly need to get the email address from the Stripe order in your online store.

After that, click on Add endpoint to finish.

Add endpoint popup

Well, now your stripe account is configured.

stripe is configured

Testing the Connection

When any of your customers made a payment from Stripe, his email address will be added to your selected email list.

testing the connection

Now you can find the email addresses added to your list from Stripe order like below.

stripe order list

This is all for weMail Stripe Integration.

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