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Fluent Forms

You can easily use a form created with Fluent Forms with weMail easily. You need to have some basic understanding of how to create WordPress forms, customize and publish it, etc and you are good to go.

So let’s see how you can easily integrate Fluent Forms with weMail and maximize your email marketing efforts.

To do that first of all, navigate to weMail>Forms>And then click on Integrations.

Fluent Forms

After clicking on the Integrations you’ll see all the integrated forms with weMail. So click on the form and finish the initial installation process.

Note: In case if you have not installed Fluent Forms yet, click here it install it on your WordPress site.

Fluent Forms

Create a Form

Now after installing Fluent Forms, it’s time to create a form and integrate with weMail.

To do that navigate to Fluent Forms>All Forms>Add a form

Add a form

Here you can find different types of forms to create. Or you can start from a blank page and then add the essential fields.

form types

So in this case, we have picked up the Newsletter form. After entering the form settings, you’ll get lots of options. Finally hit the save button when you’re done.

General settings of Fluent forms

Here is how it will look after adding the form.

Fluent forms preview

Final Integration with weMail

So after done with the form now it’s time to add the form with weMail. Therefore, in the same manner, navigate to weMail>Forms>Integrations>Fluent Forms. And you’ll get the form that you created earlier. Also, select the list.

Just toggle it on or off whenever you’ll need it.

Fluent Forms

That’s it!

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