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To get started, first you need to configure the options from General settings.

Go to weMail→Settings, and you will find the General options to start off with weMail.

General Settings

Options in General Settings part

Registration Opt-in: Enabling this option means, when a user registers, he/she will be automatically added to your subscriber list.

WooCommerce Opt-in: User will be added to the subscriber list from WooCommerce billing address after enabling this option.

Comment Opt-in: Enable this option, so when a user comments, he/she will be added to the subscriber list.

Form in Blogs: If you enable this option you can use subscription forms at the end of every blog.

Label: It is the Opt-in label text. It will be located on the right side of the checkbox. Write a text which will be shown there.

Select List: It is an important feature. First, you have to select a list. The subscribers from Registration, WooCommrece Billing, User Comments will be stored under your selected list.

Enable Notification: If you want a list of how many users have subscribed, then this option is for you. Enabling this option will send you a notification every 24 hours of how many users have subscribed in the last 24 hours.

Email: Type the email address you want to get the notification of your daily subscriber.

Transactional Email: Now you can send all the WordPress transactional email through weMail.

After configuring these options you will be done with your first step.

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