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Help Menu

Using the new weMail help menu you can get support & other assistance from our support team with ease.

So to get support from weMail, navigate to weMail>Help.

Help Menu

For getting the initial support, you can find some certain things. Such as documentation link, FAQ page, social links, and direct support box. Using the support box, you can give your email address & send your message.

Email marketing help

System Status

Before you send support message you’ll need to copy the information in your support ticket. So that we can see the updated information of your website & take an immediate initiative.

So, click on the System Status option and there you will find your whole site health.

Support ticket

Connectivity Test

Well, while using weMail, you may face some connectivity issues. So to solve this issue, we have a server test option available for you. Simply click on the Tools option and then click ‘Send Request‘.

Actually what it does, it sends a ping request. So if the server is working fine, then it will immediately ping back to your request. And you’ll notice the progress through the Green Tick Mark.

Sending Ping Request

So that’s it from the weMail help menu.

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