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Import Subscriber List from Active Campaign

Now, weMail has an integration with Active Campaign. Therefore, you can easily import your subscriber list into any of your weMail list.

If you follow some simple steps, you can easily complete the task. So let’s see how you can do that by the following steps.

Creating an Account in Active Campaign

To integrate Active Campaign with weMail, you need to first create an account for the Active Campaign. Or you have already an account, then just navigate to Active Campaign>Your Profile>Settings>Developer.

Active Campaign

Next, click on the User URL and API keys, and copy them.

API keys

Paste API Key & Client ID into weMail

Now go to your WordPress Site and navigate Dashboard>weMail>Import>Active Campaign. And paste the User ID and API keys here.

Creating API keys

After that, you’ll see that all the lists are appearing here in the weMail-Active Campaign integration setup wizard.

Create a list

So choose the preferable list from here and hit on the Next button. In this section, you’ll be asked which type of data you want to import. After choosing them, click on the Start Importing button.

User Mapping

Finally, you’re done with the process. After that, you’ll get a notification. And if you want to see the subscriber list that you imported earlier, click on the View Imported Subscribers button.

Final Stage

So here are the imported contact from Active Campaign.

weMail Contact Import

Let’s match the contact that we imported from active campaign.

Active Campaign Import

So that’s the process!

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