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weMail now has integration with MailOptin now. You can easily integrate weMail with your MailOptin account and send more customized email newsletters to your subscribers with minimum expense.

Here are steps to MailOptin sync with weMail.

Setup MailOptin

On your MailOptin dashboard, go to MailOptin-> Integrations.

mailoptin integrations

Now, if you scroll down, you will see the weMail option.

weMail option

Now, you need to paste the API key into your MailOptin dashboard from your weMail account.

weMail API Key

Go back to your weMail dashboard, and navigate to weMail-> Settings-> API Keys.


Now, click on Create API key.

create api

Next, give your API a suitable name and hit the Save button.

api name

Your new API will be created. After that, you need to copy the API key.

copy api

Go to your MailOptin account and paste the API key there and click the Save Changes button.

paste API

Immediately you will see that weMail is now connected with your MailOptin acccount.


That’s it for MailOptin Sync.

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