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Ninja Forms

Ninja Form is one of the most popular free contact form builders in WordPress. You can create a Contact Form using Ninja Forms within minutes. weMail has integration with Ninja Form as well. So you can easily use a form built with Ninja Form.

First, you need to install and activate Ninja Form to use the plugin.


Click Add New under the Ninja Forms menu. (You can also click Add New Form on your All Forms page.)

Add New

Check out this documentation to get more details on how to create a Form using Ninja Forms.

Next, navigate to weMail>Forms>And then click on Integrations.

Fluent Forms

After clicking on the Integrations you’ll see all the integrated forms with weMail. So select the Ninja form and finish the initial installation process.


You will find that the form you have created is already there. Just toggle on or off if you want to use it.

Ninja forms

That’s it. If you go to weMail>Forms, you will find this form to use.

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