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You have already downloaded and activated weMail. It’s time to create your weMail account.

So, let get started!

  • Login to the admin panel of WordPress.
  • Navigate to PluginsAdd NewweMail. Click Install. Once installed, click on Activate to get started.

  • Now after successfully activating weMail, navigate to the new weMail icon on your WordPress dashboard.
  • You need an API key to connect with weMail services
  • Click on the register “here” button or you can visit this link – https://app.getwemail.io/register to get API key for weMail
  • Sign up & log-in and you will have this dashboard

  • Click “Add a new site” button & add your website url then click “Next”

  • Copy the API Key and paste in the weMail plugin field shown earlier & click “Connect weMail” button
  • Click on “Click here to confirm” to confirm & complete the API setup process.
  • weMail wizard will guide you to set up API, Lists, Import Users, Company info settings, you skip these steps if you want.
  • After connecting to weMail you will be greeted with weMail’s user intuitive dashboard. Just connect to your email sending API, create campaigns, and start delivering emails.


After installing, you will get an overview page like the one below.

Overview Page
Overview Page

Installation is done. Welcome to weMail!

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