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If you install WP ERP along with weMail, you will get a new option called ERP CRM contacts. That means you can now import all your contacts available in WPERP CRM as your email subscribers.

Go to weMail→Settings→ERP CRM Contacts. Just enable the Auto Import option and select different user roles.

You can find three options,

ERP CRM Contacts
ERP CRM Contacts settings

Auto Import: This will allow you to import new contacts as weMail subscriber and keep them in sync

Import contacts with CRM Contact Groups: When on, weMail will create lists from CRM Groups, then import contacts in those lists. When off, Default List settings will be used.

Default list: All non-grouped contacts will import into this list. Also this list will use in case of above CRM Groups import settings is turned off.

That’s it!

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