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Amazon SES

Amazon SES is one of the top cloud-based email sending services. weMail has integration with Amazon SES. You can use it as your email sending gateway.

How to Configure

  • First, create an Amazon SES account.
Amazon SES account
  • Go to your Amazon SES personal dashboard. Mouse over your to account name and go to security credentials.
My Security Credentials
  • Click on “Users” – “Add User
  • Click on Access keys (access key ID and secret access key). Then, click Create New Access Key.
  • Type a username and tick on “Programmatic Access” from Access Type and click “Next: Permissions” button at the bottom right corner
  • Click “Attach existing policies directly” and then search and tick on “AmazonSESFullAccess” and “AmazonSNSFullAccess
  • Click “Next: Tags” button at the bottom right corner
  • Then click “Next: Review” button at the bottom right corner
  • Click “Create: User” button and you’re done.
  • Finally, Go to weMail→Settings→Email. Enable Amazon SES. Paste the Access Key and hit Save Changes. You are good to go.

For easier follow through, watch this video

That’s it!

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